Congratulations Joe & Shiera!

We were so lucky to be able to spend a short amount of time celebrating Joe & Shiera’s nuptials in Iowa on December 27th. We missed the actual wedding because it was in CA (now, if we had made it to that…we would have been REALLY lucky)! I don’t think that I know anyone who would turn down a little time in warm and sunny CA. I know that Shiera reads this regularly, so this is dedicated to you! Welcome to our very crazy, but in the end, wonderful and caring family! We (especially Joe) are so very lucky to have you!

It was great to see them together, so happy and content. Shiera made a beautiful bride (and gorgeous hair that Goldilocks would envy) and has an obviously warm and welcoming personality. I wish they lived closer because if that were the case we certainly would become fast friends. Anyone who I can sit around and have a good laugh with is great in my book (plus they had free wine at the reception…if that’s not the making for a great friend then I don’t know what is)!

Finn just came and sat by me on the bed (he says “hi internet and happy new year!”) because he is having a hard time sleeping tonight (must be all the excitement of the new year soon approaching and all) and it reminds me that Joe was the 2nd cousin in our family to take the leap and get married which means one thing to me…soon they should be popping out some playmates for Finn. The great way they both interacted with Finn I have no doubt that they will be great parents.

Great parents or not, there is so much of parenting that is not what you imagine at all. There is no break from work. I used to come home from work and relax to reenergize for the next day. When I get home now my time and energy goes to Finn. Also when he is crying in the middle of the night, that saps more energy for the upcoming day.

It was Finn’s longest trip in the car and he was quite the angel…while he was sleeping. We realized about halfway there (in rural Iowa) that we had forgotten to pack his bottles and formula. I had cleaned all of them out and prepared a smaller can of formula to take along and we forgot it all on the stove. When I stopped to ask where we could buy fomula, I was informed that the nearest place was a good 30 miles away. Not caring to listen to the screaming for the next 2 hours we slipped some sleeping pills into his tequila shots and he was out like a light, just like an angel for the rest of the trip. However, we paid for this at the hotel later (when we had to cut out of the party early because guess who was hungry AGAIN, I mean man, you’d think he was starving, not the largest baby in the known world) and when we got to the hotel and put him to bed he screamed for two consecutive hours and when he finally did drift off, he woke up two more times during the night and got up at 8, like he had had a nice long sleep.

I guess my point is that while kids are wonderful and truly a blessing to your life, it is the hardest thing you will ever do (I guess that is true, I just always assumed it was something everyone said), so much harder than you could even imagine, and sometimes you just won’t feel like being a parent. You may wish that you could go back to before kids and only have to worry about yourself. So after that encouragement let’s get some babies out before we see you next Christmas!

I have complied a short video of the reception and it is to “I Could not Ask for More” by Edwin McCain. Not only is he one of my all time favorite artists, this was Josh & I’s wedding dance song. It is so true that when you find the a person that you can spend the rest of your life happily with, it is all you can ask for. So we are loaning the song to you, hoping that you feel as blessed in your marriage as we have in ours!

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