Oh the possibilities.

As this is my first post in the new year I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and hope that everyone had a great New Year’s Eve last night. As I said before, we didn’t plan anything so I wasn’t disappointed. I think I will plan on doing this every New Year’s Eve from now on. Except of course, when Megan is around because since it’s her birthday, I will abide by any plans that she may have.

Anyways, looking at 2009 there are so many possibilites and unknowns in this upcoming year. I am excited to experience them. I have such a great feeling that 2009 will be one heck of a year and I’m so in love with it I want to marry it. How about you?

We spent the day playing the Wii (I’m actually getting better at racing, I even come in first sometimes, Josh says I would be really good if I wasn’t all over the place), cleaning up a little (this is an enormous challenge because the house has not been cleaned since I was sick. Many people have come over to help pick up a little here and little there, but with everything that was going on, that was another thing that was put to the wayside to make way for more important things), feeding Finn, and tonight my mom and I went to the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was a really sweet movie that made me think of age in a totally different way. What makes us old? Why do other people judge us on how old they think we are? Could people really make a life together when one is getting older and the other is getting younger? Anyways, if you have the chance to see it, I would recommend it!

Back to feeding Finn. It is becoming increasingly frustrating that most of the time I just feel this overwhelming need to stab myself in the eye with his spoon. I have read that it is difficult because the way a baby sucks from a bottle is completely different then how they need to suck to swallow food. When they are sucking their tongue moves from the back of their mouth to the front and when they are eating food it needs to go the opposite way. Our pediatrician recommended that he should be fed 3 times a day. With him spitting all the food on his high chair, me, and anything else that is in a 10 foot radius, he barely eats anything. I am thinking that with practice this will improve, but I just hope it’s before I pull my hair out. It has become such a dreaded task that we are not feeding Finn 3 times a day and he also doesn’t seem full afterwards and needs a bottle almost immediately. I know many great parents read this, although I don’t know why except they find hilarity in my absolute stupidity ;), so if you are one of those said great parents and experienced something similar please write a comment about how you made the transition from a bottle to food or you can email me at kahanke@gmail.com. I would so greatly appreciate it and my hair is depending on you!

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