One Party.

We had Finn’s birthday party and it was a crazy day running around trying to get the house cleaned and all the errand’s run that needed to be run for the party.  The thing about days like this is that there is such a thing as Kate’s Law.  Now you’ve all heard of Murphy’s Law, right?  Well Kate’s Law is a little bit different and it is “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong on any special day.”

So I am throwing in laundry that needs to be done for the party in the morning and our dryer decides this would be a great time to up and DIE.  So I pounded it into submission and it is working for the time being, although I am sure it will stop again (for good) at the most inopportune time.  Then when I am all ready to go run those errands I go out onto the deck to bring the dogs in.  Hazel is there, but there is no Tanner to be found.  I look into the backyard and not just one gate is open, but both of them are.  Now how this happened remains a mystery, however, I would believe that Tanner could open one gate, but not both (and after the first one was open, he would just run away, not mess around with the other one)!

So I hop in the car and call Josh…TANNER IS GONE!!!!



I roll down the windows and drive around the neighborhood calling for him.  I call Josh back and tell him to call the pound and see if there are any dogs matching Tanner’s description there.  Luckily he was, so I spent half of the afternoon going and paying to get him back and finding out that we need to register him with the city in 10 days.  What is this?  I’ve never done this with any of the dogs I’ve had.  Well, Tanner will be registered!

So the party was the fun to follow.  But as badly as the day started out, the party was really a good time.  As far as I know, fun was had by all and Finn loved being the center of attention (not to mention all the great presents).  On the positive side I found out that our neighbors were the ones that called the pound and went above and beyond by bringing him over there themselves (they will paying for it for weeks with hair in their car, I know I am).  So on the plus side we met our really nice neighbors that we didn’t know we had (we thought they were all mean).  I was so thankful that they took Tanner to the pound, I would much rather have collected him from there than the side of the road.  And what I realized is that I love that dumb old dog a ton.  When I found he was gone, my heart just about stopped.  For all the trouble he gives us, he gives us twice that amount in love.  Hazel, on the other hand, is a different story.  I may just leave a Hazel sized hole in the fence (shhh, don’t tell Josh).

I made a video showing the WHOLE PARTY for my sister who swore that she wanted to see it.  So if you have 20 minutes to be bored and watch an unedited video you can go here.  For everyone besides Jessica, here is a nice (mostly short) video that shows all the fun…

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5 Responses to One Party.

  1. Candice says:

    happy birthday to your little man. :)

    and kudos to the neighbours for returning the dog… not too many people would do that

  2. T says:

    grateful that the dog was found in good condition! hope the dryer lasts at least until Christmas Eve… kidding. Ours died once 2 days before we left on a 10 day vacation… had to dry everything at the neighbor’s house!

    happy birthday to the little guy!

    (and thanks for dropping by – I love finding new bloggy friends)

  3. Laura Lee says:

    Happy First Birthday FINN! You are so adorable!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

  4. Megan says:

    The part when Finn is “eating” the cake is the best. He has no idea what to make of the frosting. LOL!!!

    Yea, we got quite the kick out of it!!
    :) Kate

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