I would not hurt a fly, but I have paralyzed a bunny.

I love animals.  Period.  Animals often have bad luck when they are around me.  I saw an interview that President Obama gave a couple weeks ago where a fly was bothering him (I didn’t know they allowed those in the White House).  With his lightening fast reflexes he killed the fly and PETA came out saying all creatures great and small should be respected.  Come on, seriously?

Okay so I lied, I am totally for the killing of flies, mice, gnats, mosquitoes, bees, spiders, wasps, and any other annoying thing that gets in my space.  There is a whole huge drainage ditch past our backyard followed by cornfields and country.  You want to build your little house and raise your wasp family out there?  I won’t bother you.  Please be my guest.  However, we paid a pretty penny for this house we live in and you may not cohabit with us unless you are paying rent.  I’m sorry PETA, this is just how it is.  If you love flies that much, I will give them your address and you can hang out with them at your place.

Growing up I would beg my mom for every different kind of animal and she graciously let me have them,  much to her dismay later, I am sure.  The first was hamsters.  I loved this little guys so much that I would put them in the pocket of my winter coat and bring them to school with me.  They were not so interested in all the learning so they chewed up my coat and disappeared (sorry school).  This may be the first time my mom has heard this story…SURPRISE MOM!

The next hamsters my mom allowed me to get stayed at home.  However, they were crafty little guys and managed to crawl up their little glass cage and chew through the screen at the top and then find a way into the walls of our house (sorry Mom).  Mom would not let me have any hamsters after that.

So I begged for a bunny, and a bunny I got.  A sweet little white one that stayed small.  It’s cage was metal and right next to my bed.  I woke up in the middle of the night to a strange sound.  My little bunny had chewed its way through the chords next to my bed and the electricity passed through the metal of the cage and it was throwing my bunny around the cage.  I quickly grabbed a plastic broom and moved the cage away from the wall and chords.  Dylan (the bunny) did survive that horrible night, however he was paralyzed for the rest of his life.  He lived for about another year or so and he was a pathetic sight, dragging the bottom half of his body around.  However, he didn’t seem to be in pain and seemed to enjoy life for the short time that was left.

This has taught me to stick with cats and dogs (Finn, I’m sorry you will never have any other animals that our cats and dogs).  I have not hurt, lost, or killed a cat or dog.  Our cat did die an early death, but it was not on my watch.  I think I’m also doing pretty well keeping Finn alive and healthy.  So that’s what I’m sticking to!

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7 Responses to I would not hurt a fly, but I have paralyzed a bunny.

  1. Rebecca says:

    oh…the story of the bunny reminds me of how we had some kittens and I had been spoiling them by giving them milk every time I opened the refrigerator. One time the milk fell out right on one kitten and broke his little back. It still makes me very, very sad. He must not have felt it though…he just went around like normal but just dragging his back legs. I had him put to sleep I felt so bad.

      That IS so sad. I’m glad to know that I am not the only one that tortures animals! I would have put the bunny down too, but it was just in the cage, so it didn’t seem like it was too bad for him!
      :) Kate
  2. Oh, wow! Note to self: No metal crates near electrical cords …

      Yes, that would have been a good mental note for me to have, but I never even thought about it…poor bunny!
      :) Kate
  3. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but that bunny thing is very visual. And you did say he seemed to enjoy life…
    Hmmmm, lots of chewing going on with those other pets. I agree, stick to dogs and cats. Altho then there’s the vomit, pee, hair deal.

    I’m still laughing at you taking the hamsters to school!

      It’s okay, we laughed at the poor bunny quite a bit. He really didn’t seem to be uncomfortable, otherwise we would have put him down.
      Oh yes, cats and dogs come with their own baggage, that’s for sure!
      :) Kate
  4. Read about the bunny….. I have a rabbit story too…. not even going to share it….

    However we had the same problem with cords. Cell phone, tv, vacuum….. he ate through them all if we let him out of the cage

      Thanks to goodness that other people electrocute bunnies for fun!
      :) Kate
  5. Mary Jo says:

    You’re right, Kate – I didn’t know you took the hamster to school!

    Love, Mom

      I think I may have kept it from you because you wouldn’t have let me do it, I’m very stubborn that way!
      :) Kate
  6. Raven says:

    Oh, that poor bunny! We’ve been through so much vermin (rats, gerbils, hamsters, mice) that PETA would probably picket my apartment if they knew. Finally my Midget stopped asking for them after #1,239 died.
    Raven recently posted..She Could Be Like Keyser SozeWith One ShoeMy Profile

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