Dogone fun!

Our animals had a great time when we went to the cabin.  Tanner (yellow lab) and Hazel (little one) had a great time exploring and going on walks with us (as you can see).  And Abby Cat had a great time at home with no dogs annoying her!

Now for a game…

Where in the world is Tanner?

Pretty easy?  Okay now see if you can find Hazel…

**Blast from the past…here is what I was up to a year ago**

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5 Responses to Dogone fun!

  1. Now that’s some top-notch frolicking there!

      And they frolicked all through the night too!
      :) Kate
  2. Vince says:

    How fun! Wish our dog would travel. He gets car sick between the house and the vet.

      When Tanner was just a puppy we took him all the way to the East Coast, so he was a car dog from the start. The car (and everything else in the world) makes Hazel nervous, but she does a pretty good job!
      :) Kate
  3. PixieDust says:

    Hello Kate,

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my artwork.


    I love your babies–that 1st picture of Hazel flying is so fun! I admit it took me a while to find her in the “Where’s Waldo” type photos, heehee.

    And Tanner is just gorgeous. I always wanted a Lab but those are big doggies and I wouldn’t have the room. We have a Cavalier King Charles, a little one, though bigger than Hazel.

    Have a beautiful day,

      We love our puppies 90% of the time. I love Tanner, he’s like my big baby. However, I will never have a lab again because they shed like mad and he is a pretty big dog!
      :) Kate
  4. Candice says:

    oh my lord i want your doggies…both of them!

      I’ll sell them to you for a very reasonable price!
      😉 Kate
  5. Laoch says:

    What nice canines!

      We like them so much that we let them stay here rent free. I don’t even kill Hazel when she wakes me up 14 million times a night by standing on me and licking my face!
      :) Kate

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