Our little garden.

Let me start by saying I have a black thumb.  That is anything I try to “grow” dies.  So these few plants in front of our house happened all by themselves, with no “help” from me.  I thought they were beautiful so I thought I would share!

**Blast from the past…here is what I was up to a year ago**

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7 Responses to Our little garden.

  1. The purple flower things are beautiful!

    Are you sure you didnt do it, and you’re not trying to be modest ?

      Nope, I’m not modest at all! Seriously hubby and I did nothing to deserve these flowers. They were there when we moved in and come up all beautiful each summer without our help! I love “hand’s off” gardening!
      :) Kate
  2. Vince says:

    I’m about the same with growing things. If they grow well all by themselves, then they’ll survive at my place.

      Aren’t they wonderful things…the ones that take care of themselves.
      :) Kate
  3. Laoch says:

    Very nice photos!

      :) Kate
  4. Mwa says:

    Love the purple ones!

      Yes, apparently those are the popular ones. My favorite is the yellow flowers!
      :) Kate
  5. alantru says:

    We have those purple ones in your yard too. Do you know what they are called? (ours came with the house.)

      Not even a guess. Along with killing every plant in site I also can name the rose and that’s about it. I’m talented, I know!
      :) Kate
  6. Maggie May says:

    i fear i have the black thumb curse as well…

      And I thought I was the only one!
      :) Kate
  7. nashe says:

    I’m botanophobic, so I keep away from all sorts of plant-y things! Haven’t tried growing abything for QUITE some time now! LOL

      Hmm, I’ve never heard about that before. I think I’ll use that as my excuse from now on!
      :) Kate

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