Buried treasure.

On another site I found this great idea.  To return to the past and uncover a buried treasure in the form of one of their favorite posts.  Considering that my site is just a baby (about a year and 2 months) I don’t have that many to choose from. I chose one of my very first posts, written on the day my due date titled D Day.  Hope you enjoy!

Well today is my official due date. There are 2 things about today that make that interesting…first there is still no baby (and the hope for a baby anytime soon is so distant I can barely make it out in the very far and hazy distance) and second is that on this day, my mother was wrong. Now, I love my mother very much and would not normally need to elaborate on the fact that she was wrong…but really, it doesn’t happen very often, so I have to take advantage while I can! She was absolutely certain that the baby would come early, she was so without doubt in her conviction that she made me believe there is no possible way this baby would not be here by my due date. Now, this was against my better judgment because to be miserable because you are 40 weeks pregnant is depressing enough, but to be 40 weeks pregnant and been certain that you were not going to be 40 weeks pregnant, well there is just nothing worse. Okay, well there is one thing, to have all that and be sick at the same time. Although this cold is not as bad as my stomach flu that hit at around 32 weeks. I am guessing that I am going to be saying “that’s all folks” to this cold by Monday for sure! YEA!

So I had my appointment today, and I am still 1 cm dilated, as I have been for almost 3 weeks. It’s like a runaway train…you can get on or be mowed over! But the baby is engaged and I was assured this means it is heading in the right direction…which is good news I guess…it means this baby will be coming at some point, maybe in time to celebrate its third birthday? The other exciting thing about today’s appointment is that my induction is scheduled for the 23rd. 3 out of 5 of my mother’s siblings were born on the 23rd of a month…so that would be a great day for this baby to be born. Although right now we have many special days coming up that we could hit (or hope to avoid like Friday the 13th). On the 14th it’s not only flag day (one of the most celebrated of all holidays, I know) but also Josh’s parents wedding anniversary. The 15th is father’s day. The 18th is my grandparents wedding anniversary. So baby has a pretty good shot at being born on a special day.

They gave me a pamphlet on induction today when it was scheduled and it said that if it did not start active labor that I could potentially be sent home. Well, now, this is just not fair. And not only is it not fair, but I did not know that one of the best hospitals in the country was a quitter. What, you try it once and you decide, nope, that’s enough, baby is not coming, go on home, it’s your problem now, not ours. I had faith that it would be more like…ready or not, here we come to get you, baby. If they send me home without completing their half of the bargain (mine was to grow a child) I will be writing a very strongly worded letter to Mayo Clinic.

Today as I woke up this morning I realized that in 11 days there will be this tiny being that’s survival is entirely reliant on Josh and I. Now this is very scary…now don’t get me wrong, I am not scared of children. I not only supervise 25 on a daily basis (some might say that the little rug rats learn a thing or two on occasion) I have also babysat more then I could ever count. I am very comfortable with all ages and stages of children, as is Josh. However, we have always had a point where these small humans were no longer our responsibility, we could do as we wished, and we only needed to worry about ourselves. This is not about selfishness, you must understand, this is about SCARDYCATEDNESS. I mean OMG, what have we gotten ourselves into? It will not be too long before we find out. Our every decision and action will have a reaction, as it always has, but now it will have an equal or greater impact on this little bundle that we are solely responsible for.

Well, for now, we are just responsible for ourselves and as multiple people are now trying to convince me that I will deliver this baby before the 23rd, I am responsibly putting my fingers in my ears and and singing “la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you” at the top of my lungs.

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3 Responses to Buried treasure.

  1. Ellie says:

    Your blog is such fun, and your son Finn is adorable!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my photos. For now, I just take them with a point and shoot, but someday…

    I teach, too. This year I’m switching from 4th from 5th–after 11 years in 5th. I’m looking forward to it!

      Oooh, that’s a tricky age. I’m not sure I could teach that, thank goodness for people like you who can! It’s so much work to change grade levels, good luck!
      :) Kate
  2. C. Princess says:

    I enjoyed reading this post.

      Thanks, it’s a fun one to look back on (not so fun at the time)!
      :) Kate
  3. Jo says:

    Great post from the past.

    I remember being told I was 1cm dilated 3 days before my EDD & I skipped home thinking I was going into labour TODAY!…didn’t happen for another 7 days.

      It was a long wait, but worth it in the end (at least most days)!
      😉 Kate

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