The 2 seasons of Minnesota.

A wise person once said: There are two seasons in Minnesota.  Winter and construction.

We are definitely in the season of construction.  Thanks a lot Obama.  It is like a puzzle to get around the construction in Rochester and don’t even get me started on the downtown.  I think every single road downtown is being worked on.  It takes forever and a half to go ANYWHERE.

Yes, yes I know.  You’re improving the infrastructure.  You’re giving hard working Americans their jobs back.

Did you not even consider, Mr. Obama, how it would affect MY driving?  I mean, it might take me 3 extra minutes to get somewhere.

Man, you are just doing a great job.  Thanks a lot President Obama.

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9 Responses to The 2 seasons of Minnesota.

  1. Hmm, at least in New York we had four seasons. Winter, mud, bugs, and October.

      October? Does that last longer than 31 days in New York?
      :) Kate
  2. Candice says:

    bahhhh, same thing in my city!! all the quick routes are closed off. and there’s constant hammering and construction noises outside my window. damn development.

      I second that, why can’t they just leave the streets alone until the pot holes get so big a car falls in, then I think it’s about time to fix them!
      :) Kate
  3. C. Princess says:

    Winter and Construction, believe me I feel your pain.

      Is President Obama ruining your town too?
      :) Kate
  4. Vince says:

    How funny! I live in Rochester as well and we also have only those two seasons! Who’d have thought New York and Minnesota have so much in common.

    However, all of our current construction projects began while Bush as in office so you can’t blame the new Prez for it.

      It’s like twin cities in way far apart. It’s like when a boy told me he had a twin…who was 3 years younger than him. That was why his mom was so fat when she was pregnant. And I thought 10 months were bad!
      :) Kate
  5. Jen says:


      Why I never. (You should hear this in a high pitched, southern voice with my hand over my heart, looking very hurt and with a hat with a feather on it…that’s the most important part)!
  6. Laoch says:

    I have never been to Minnesota but it looks quite nice in the pictures I have seen.

      It can be quite beautiful!
      :) Kate
  7. Ellie says:

    We could use some more construction around here, tho’ admittedly, I have yet to drive into Chicago (from my ‘burb) yet this summer…

      I bet it would take you a hundred years, so you may not choose to spend the rest of your life doing that!
      :) Kate
  8. linlah says:

    in cali it’s a never ending road construction zone, a winter to make it stop would be nice.

      I could see that!
      :) Kate
  9. Mwa says:

    They seem to have taken the same approach in Belgium. Which is just lovely if you’re trying to get on a ferry in time. We made up some time in France, but that was not entirely legal, and I don’t like speeding with two kids in the car.

      Yes, I got a speeding ticket this weekend, was none-to-thrilled about it too!
      :) Kate

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