Ah…the peace.

So we went to a cabin up in Northern Minnesota and returned about a week ago.  It was bliss.  We were struggling to decide if we wanted to go just the 2 of us or as a family.  After much consideration (and lots of guilt) we decided to go just the 2 of us.  Although it was very hard to be away from him, it was really great for us.

When I was pregnant with Finn Jen and Adam told us the best thing we could do for our family is to take time for just the 2 of us.  They have a great marriage, so we try to heed their advice!  It was great, our days were not filled with taking care of Finn, the dogs, the house, and all the other things that we have to do each day.  It was so great to have time together!

When we arrived at the lake, Josh pointed out that our van had killed another bird and it was stuck in the grill of our car.  This brings our total up to 3 in less than a month.  Our van should have come with a warning to birds…stay away or else you take your life in your hands (or wings, I guess)!

The water from the cabin smelled like the water from the summer camps I went to, fishy.  I wish I could send the smell out to you, so you could enjoy it too.  That being the worst thing the whole week, it was a great vacation!

We didn’t take too many pictures because we spent our days doing NOTHING.  It was so wonderful!  You could either find us playing the Sims, reading, or Josh worked on some ceramic whistles.  I read 4 books while I was there and all of them were good.

Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner …so good!

The Guy Not Taken by Jennifer Weiner …this was also very good, but it was made up of short stories, which is not my favorite because I like to follow one story throughout the entire plot.

The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger …this was SO good, my favorite of the week, then I dragged Josh to the movie, which was no where as good as the book!

It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita by Heather Armstong …I am a huge fan of her website and the book has snippets of what she wrote on there, but she added much more and it was a good read and reminded me of being pregnant and just after Finn was born.

The nearest town was just under 30 minutes away with a population of around 7,000.  It is so small that it has one movie theater that shows ONE movie ONE time a day.  I couldn’t believe it.  Now let me say this as nicely as possible…the people of small town in Northern Minnesota are where the Minnesota stereotypes come from.

On the way to town was the ugliest building I have ever seen:

Who thought this was a good color scheme?  A little down the road was a bait vending machine.  I am not making this up.  Instead of dispensing soda, it dispensed worms.

Across from the ugliest building there was a sports bar that had Bingo.  We love Bingo and had to come out for the fun.  Even though we love playing Bingo and have played many times, we have never win anything.  Our friends that come to play with us always win, but we have never won even a penny!  Josh won $99, we were so excited , we could barely stand it.  However, after our drinks, paying for Bingo, food we actually walked away with a whole $30 dollars.  It was fun all the same!

When we got to the town, it was so stinky and we were trying to figure out what the familiar, nasty smell was and I said “it smells like dog food.”  We joked that there was probably a factory making dog food in town.  And there WAS…a factory making Tuffy dog food in town!

Here is the view from our cabin, I wish this was the view from our house…

Here are a couple of the few pictures we took…

It was wonderful and beautiful and gave me the energy I need to start school!

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6 Responses to Ah…the peace.

  1. shadow says:

    just the kinda break everyone needs once in a while…

  2. Oh, it sounds like heaven. Good for you.

  3. Mwa says:

    Wonderful pictures. It’s good to get away sometimes.

  4. linlah says:

    That building is serious about its orange.

  5. lesley says:

    How peaceful the water looks, totally calming, glad you had a wonderful break….

  6. Laoch says:

    The Time Traveler’s Wife really is a wonderful book.

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