A trip back in time.

One of our favorite things to do is go the Minnesota Renaissance Festival.  At one point Josh and I thought it would be great fun to take along our wonderful niece and nephew (Anna and James).  We had a wonderful time and the next year we added Ngor to the gang we were taking.  Last year we weren’t able to go because I was busy trying to stay alive (and I heard about this repeatedly…they even said something on the way up and I was all “seriously man, how unfair of me not to take you, you could have all wheeled me around in my hospital bed”).  And this year we felt is was only fair to take the 3 that we had taken previously AND Ngor’s brother Mabor AND our other nephew who is of the age that he could walk around all day and really get enjoyment out of it.

If you’re counting on your fingers that’s FIVE (ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR. FIVE.) children that we thought it would be a great idea to take.  Okay, in all fairness, Josh wanted to go just the 2 of us and I was all like, no this will be great.  And it was great.  All the kids were on their best behavior, listened, never caused a problem, and stayed close by.  The older ones took it upon themselves to hold hands with the younger ones although Josh and I were forever looking around counting (ONE. TWO. THREE. FOUR. FIVE.) okay, we haven’t lost anyone yet.

Isaac, the youngest, got tired after about 4 hours of walking around and Josh and I were like THANK GOD, now we have an excuse to leave because we were exhausted after 15 seconds. Can I just take a moment to say it also costs a million dollars?  All the money…to think of all the money.  I could buy a new house with all that money.

Even with all the money spent and all the tiredness that resulted, it was a great time, and I wouldn’t change it for anything.  Next year, we will happily take all five again because it is so much more fun to watch them enjoy everything than to enjoy it by ourselves.  However, the year after that when Carrie and Kook are old enough to go, we’ll have to rent a bus and extra hands on deck to do all the counting.

My favorite part of going is seeing the live theater that is amazing.  This year, I was so thrilled because Ngor, Mabor, and Isaac became involved in the shows.  It was so much fun.  All the kids were also able to choose a “ride” to go on.  All the boys (except Isaac) chose to go on the huge trampolines (see video).  I am so proud of James (the last one in the clip) because 2 years ago he did this even though he was so scared.  And he was sure enough of himself to be very clear about just how high he wanted to jump.  That takes so much courage and I often don’t have that kind of bravery, so he reminds me of what it means to be brave.

The first two videos are of Mabor, the 3rd of Ngor, and the last of James.

Anna and Isaac chose to ride horses and had a great time doing that.  Thanks to a friend that I work with (who is crazy and has three jobs, one of which is running the rock wall at Ren Fest) let all the kids climb for free.  Ngor made it all the way up the wall and tooted the horn.  All the kids pushed themselves to go a little higher than their comfort level.  Here are the great memories we made…they’ll have to do until we go again next year!

Where can I get this size of wine glasses?  I need this for my daily life, but I sure would have used them when I got home that night!

Isaac and Mabor helping out a great act (Tuey).

Even though she looks like she is being tortured, I was led to believe that Anna had a good time riding the horse:

Here are the kids making magical wands:

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2 Responses to A trip back in time.

  1. Vince says:

    Looks like a lot of fun! They have a Renaisance Festival here as well but we’ve never gone. Perhaps next year we will! I’ve always wanted to buy a big turkey leg from a wench!

  2. Mwa says:

    Five? You are mad. And exhausted, I’m sure.

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