My idea of the perfect Saturday night.

This is the best Saturday night that I could imagine.

Finn LOVES! toothbrushes.  It’s the kind of LOVE! that needs to be capitalized with an exclamation point to show how true and deep it is.  He has spent days walking around with this toothbrush.  He has his own toothbrush that he uses to brush his teeth while we are brushing ours.  However, he LOVES! it so much that he cries and screams when we take it away.  On the bright side, this bodes well for the future of his teeth (I believe).

I apologize now for the crappy video quality!

Here he is tickling daddy with the toothbrush.

I was watching something the other day where someone said that everyone’s father is like a superhero.  Although I don’t personally feel this way about my own, I see how true this is in the way Finn interacts with Josh and how I feel about Josh.

Here is the superhero of our family…

Have I ever mentioned how deep in love Tanner and Finn are?  They love each other so much and it is just a wonderful thing to witness.

And that’s my idea of the perfect Saturday night!

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2 Responses to My idea of the perfect Saturday night.

  1. awwwwwwwwww that is too cute!!!

    hope all is well with u. im sorry i havent been by here lately.

  2. Sounds pretty dang perfect! What a cutie.

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