WOW, I’m a loser!


I have to admit that I am ashamed to write this, but thanks to my friend Stacy, I have become a World of Warcraft (or WOW) player.  Now I’m not ashamed because I think that the people who play this game are losers but rather because when Josh and I were first married he played this game religiously and I made fun of him all the time about it.  It wasn’t even that as much as I would want to make plans to go out and have fun on Friday nights and he wouldn’t be able to come because he would have a date to play WOW.

I have been sick this weekend.  I hate being sick.  However, it’s right on schedule.  The stresses of beginning school and conferences starting this week.  It’s just too much stress for my body to handle, each year I have this problem.  It’ll happen again in January when I have to do report cards and prepare for conferences at the same time.

Anyways, WOW has been a great distraction this weekend.  I am a Mage.  It’s also something fun that we can do together.  So after all the crap I gave Josh about this, I’m a fan!


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2 Responses to WOW, I’m a loser!

  1. Jen says:

    My image of you has completely changed.

    (OMG, JK, I hope you never really take me seriously.)

      I was just sitting here crying, is all.
  2. shadow says:

    oooo, i don’t know this game. time i check it out…

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