Just one of the things I love about fall

Fall and spring are our favorite seasons in our house.  Although I have to admit I love the beginning of winter and summer as well.  I love that we get to experience all 4 seasons here in Minnesota.  One of the things I LOVE, LOVE about fall is the return of the shows that I missed all summer and the great new shows that I discover.

Finn has started to enjoy watching some TV too.  Although I believe in having strict regulations for how much TV he can watch.  He gets to watch no more than 2 shows on the weekend and usually doesn’t watch any TV on weekdays.  He enjoys Sesame Street and sometimes we watch Clifford because I loved the big red dog when I was younger.  TiVo (the machine that has allowed me to love TV more then I already did~which was almost impossible~ because it could be on my time) suggested that Finn might like Caillou and I have to say I love this show and think it’s a great thing for Finn to watch.  Does anyone else enjoy this show with their kids or have other great shows that you recommend for a really young kid?


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3 Responses to Just one of the things I love about fall

  1. Mwa says:

    My youngest adores adores adores In The Night Garden. It’s a BBC programme – I’m not sure you can get it over there. But it’s great.

  2. robin says:

    miles loves “handy manny” and “mickey mouse clubhouse”. that’s about it for tv. he watches some dvds every now and then. his favorites are “signing time” and this awesome one called “letter factory” – it’s made by leapfrog and teaches little ones the sounds of all the letters. he is starting to pick the letters off the fridge and say their names already! crazy…he’s only 16 months old. I highly recommend that one!

  3. shadow says:

    spring and autumn are my faves too, cause it’s the process of change whereas summer and winter is the fulfilment of that change…

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