Please excuse our mess as we create a better site to serve you better!

*Edit* I am going to have this as my first post until the website is up to our standards, but I want you to know that I will be posting every day, just look below this post or to the right for recent posts.

A lot Josh (and a little me) have created this website and are at the point where I am posting on here from this day forward even though its certainly far from perfect.  So please be understand as we continue to make this exactly as we would like.  Please leave comments (positive and constructive critism) about the new site or if you see any problems or things that aren’t right.  I would really appreciate any feedback, if you have some you can either leave a comment or email me at!

by Josh-

We can’t forget to give props to Design Disease the makers of the template that we are using.

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2 Responses to Please excuse our mess as we create a better site to serve you better!

  1. pehpot says:

    HI Kate! pehpot here form Link referral.. I just gave an award for you. Noblesse Oblige Award! Please drop by at my blog to see more. Thanks..

    by the way.. I like this new Hanke home.. so clean

  2. admin says:

    Thank you for the award, it was so kind of you!!

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