I have a favor to ask.

I am trying to get word out about my website to increase readership.  I have been doing this some but still am researching other ways.  From the readers that I’ve had, from publicity I have put out there, I’ve gotten really great feedback so I believe if people knew it was out here, they would like it and return often.  The hard part is getting it out there.

Which leads me to my favor.  I put myself on Digg and if you go to this website you can Digg me, and the more Diggs I get the higher I get on the list and then more people will be aware of my site.  I do believe you have to create an account to be able to vote, but it’s a really great service where people post if they find something interesting online, so it won’t be a waste if you sign up.

My thanks to you in advance.  If I’m successful with launching my site, you’ll get royalty checks in the mail coming soon, you don’t need to send me your address, I already know it!

Digg my site at this address:


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2 Responses to I have a favor to ask.

  1. pehpot says:

    sounds interesting.. OK I’ll dig that.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for digging it, I really appreciate it. Hasn’t turned out exactly like I wanted, but thanks for your support anyways!!

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