My blog is always changing and growing as I figure out what I want it to look like and what content was important enough to ask you to spend your precious time reading.  Those things make my website forever evolving and never “done.”  As I was sick I had some “free time” to explore the inter-web and visit some of my favorite cites.  Some of these trips gave me some great ideas about how to evolve again and take the site to a new level.  Although I don’t want to go back to the place where I was so bogged down that writing and finding content wasn’t fun for me anymore.  In an attempt to keep my site interesting and changing I am adding 3 more pages (some now and some in the near future).  To keep my sanity I will only be updating these once a week instead of daily (one is more just a “DEAR DIARY” for me and won’t be updated often at all).  I will probably update these pages on the weekends because I have trouble finding content for 7 days a week).  I will always add the disclaimer if I get busy my first priority, as always, is my main page and if it becomes too much, I will take them down!

Here are the ideas that I would like to incorporate into my website on a regular basis:

There is this great website called Sprite’s Keeper and she has weekly topics to write about.  It’s called The Spin Cycle.  I love getting new and different ideas that I may not have thought of myself.

I miss my photography part of the blog.  I love that it forces me to take pictures and notice things that would make a beautiful photograph.  It was too much for me to keep up with this once a day, so I will try doing it once a week.

I came across a website that had a list of 30 things she wanted to do before she turned 30.  Now, 30 is right around the corner for me…THREE YEARS…I feel very old, so I didn’t want to put the pressure on myself to accomplish my goals in 3 years…less than actually…WHY GOD WHY?  So I’m making a life long list or bucket list.  What I would like to accomplish before I kick the bucket.  I will updating this when I come up with ideas about what I want to include on this list and also will update it as I accomplish something from my list.

So that’s the plan Stan.  All of these changes should be going live sometime this weekend, so please check back!

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  1. Tracey says:

    Looking forward to reading your bucket list!

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