We’re LIVE!

I wrote about the changes that I have decided to make on my site.  As I couldn’t sleep tonight I found time to start hammering it all out, sooner than was expected (are you impressed, because I SO am)!  It also came up with glitches.  I don’t know why WordPress (the people that host my site) do this but I don’t have the same controls for my other pages as I do for my main page, which is very frustrating!  For that reason along with my issues about not liking my options of posting photos on my site I decided to start 2 more websites instead of adding pages for my photo and spin.  If you ask my sister-in-law I’m a little obsessed with blogs and as there may be some truth to that  however, I think of it as that I have the control there that I want and need.  So instead of popping over to a different page you’ll be popping over to another site.  Please remember that this isn’t any more painful than going to a different page.  That’s where I am right now, so we’ll see how it goes.  This is what you’ll see when I post something at either of my other sites.

Weekly Photo for the week of Nov 30 2009

mischievous eyes

Weekly Spin for the week of Nov 30 2009

What I’m Thankful For ~ this is a great one with some wonderful photographs and all about my Thanksgiving!

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3 Responses to We’re LIVE!

  1. shadow says:

    changes bring up’s and down’s and i’m sure we all will get used to them soon enough…

  2. Tracey says:

    Nothing wrong with being obsessed with blogs. I have eight. And I’ve lost count of the number of blogs I read regularly!

    Besides, you know what they say. A change is as good as a holiday. Or something.

  3. I’m confused. Are you moving to another web page? orrrrrrr you just made some more blogs?

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