My two complaints.

It’s seemed to me that everything has been going wrong lately, but I am not going to sit here and write down all of that.  I am going to tell you 2 things that I am super bummed about.

Well I guess the first is just really a disappointment.  My sister’s flight left at 6 this morning which meant we left the house at 3 AM!!  Yes, I was very tired.  After dropping her off I crashed at my friend’s house to get some more shut eye and then we baked cookies among other fun and relaxing things.  I didn’t get out of there as early I would have liked to (I wanted to see Finn at least once today) and so I spent the whole car ride home thinking about my boys and how much I missed them and looked forward to seeing them.  When I got home, Finn was in bed (as I had expected), but just after I walked in the door Josh informed me that he was going to bed.  So now I am sitting up all by my lonesome after waiting all day to see my boys.  On a related complaint (this doesn’t count as a separate one, FYI) I use our cheap camera, the one we used before we got our beautiful Bella-Canon 50D, to carry around in my purse so I can take a picture when I’m out and about and when I’m in my classroom.  Josh used it for something at work and now it has disappeared.  I’m very annoyed with this.  I want my camera!

Speaking of things I want (this is really my huge complaint) my dumb computer is broken again.  It has crashed twice, so I replaced the hard drive both times and now it won’t charge for some unknown reason.  I have lots of great videos and pictures and this great idea that I want to work on and I can’t do any of it because my computer has decided not to work.  I spend enough money on my stupid computer, I just want it to work.  Is that really too much to ask?  So for the meantime, I will be on Josh’s computer, fighting him for it.  Maybe it will motivate him to fix my computer and find my camera.  Or the other option is that I go stick my head in the oven.  Hear that dear?  Do you want your Kate extra crispy?

On a good note I found the navigation CD that took 4 months to get and I didn’t even use before Josh lost it (are we seeing a pattern here) and it took me all over the Cities wherever I wanted to go.  It is the best thing in the world.  I love it dearly.  It even counts down the distance it takes before my next turn.  I just want to drive around so I can use it.  Can I come and visit you?

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2 Responses to My two complaints.

  1. Yes, come visit now! It’s cold and wet but it’ll be fun.
    So sorry about the frigging computer. And camera. When my wonderful camera broke in August I ran out and bought a new one while it was being fixed. I felt guilty, but like you, I CANNOT be without.

    And I LOVE that photo of Finn on Christmas with his train!

  2. Tracey says:

    If it will direct you to Australia, by all means drop in and say hi :)

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