The story of JHK: Part 1 ~ Christmas & New Year’s.

So our first “datish” was right around Thanksgiving so we went on a couple more dates and then it was Christmas.  We spent Christmas night together.  I bought him a very nice watch (which he lost quickly after that) and he brought me earrings that his mother made.  I wore those puppies until one fell out and I looked and looked for it.  I never found it, but I have kept the other one in the box that he gave me it in to this day.

During this time our relationship could be summarized by the story of our New Year’s.  He invited me out to a party at his sister’s house.  This was the first time I had been to where he lived and met part of his family.  At the party one of his friends asked if we were dating and he was all “we’re just friends.”  I guess this explains the way he acted during this time.  He would invite me out and when I would go to meet him it was a “boys night out” and he would completely ignore me.  Or he would say that he would call and he wouldn’t.

My friends weren’t as delicate and as soon as they met him they asked if we had DTR (defined the relationship).  During that first meeting he also informed all of my friends that he didn’t like kissing me because I wore too much chap stick.  This led to a period in our relationship where I was obsessing over our relationship and he was carefully trying to keep his distance.  The more I pressured him, the more distance he wanted (imagine that).

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3 Responses to The story of JHK: Part 1 ~ Christmas & New Year’s.

  1. Wow, and you perservered. And look how it’s turned out?
    I need to remember this…

  2. Tracey says:

    The course of true love does not run smooth. Or something.

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