Spin: Opinion.

Oh boy, this opens a box of worms.  I have an opinion on EVERYTHING and even sometimes on theoretical things.  The past week I have been teaching my kids about Dr. King.  I think that it is my responsibility to give them a small idea about the hard work and sacrifices that people made so that we could have the rights and equality that we do today (although it’s far from perfect, it’s far from where it was as well).  They don’t understand many of the concepts that I teach about and so this year I was able to show some video that I felt would illustrate things much more clearly for them.  We watched some videos about Dr. King, Rosa Parks, and The Little Rock Nine.

In my experience as an educator I find that there are kids that work very hard and do their best (this incredibly humbling to see) and some that think it is there right to attend school and it my job to do all the work.  It was my hope that with showing the video of The Little Rock Nine would show them some of the people throughout history that went to great lengths to have the privilege of the best education.

I hear my kids talking about how they are going to be football players, singers, or actors.  I think these are great goals to have, but I also think they should understand that very few people make it in these careers and really the only way out for so many of them is through education.  If they work hard at school, go to a great college and become the next Michael Jordan, I think that’s great.  If they don’t achieve their basketball dreams, they can then rely on their degree.

When did the mindset change from education being a privilege into not just a right, but a passive activity and how can we teach our kids that education is the one and only great equalizer?

**Blast from the past…here is what I was up to a year ago**

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5 Responses to Spin: Opinion.

  1. Well said! And an opinion I share! I can’t say that I’ve always held education as a landmark of life, but when I went back to college, it became my ultimate goal and I was so glad when I finished. One of the best achievements of my life!
    It would be nice to be judged for our education (and right to it) rather than our nationality or skin color.
    You’re linked!

  2. Tracey says:

    I’m incredibly opinionated too.

  3. “The one and only equalizer;” truer words were never spoken! Great Spin!

  4. Vince says:

    It began at least when I was a kid. You didn’t want to be the “smart” kid in class. None of the “cool” kids were in advanced classes. When we let our kids think homework isn’t cool and that going to school stinks, what are we telling them?

    I’ve been trying to teach my kids that the way to go places is to do well in school and get an education. I point to how I’ve done everything I’ve done because I went to college and got a good education.

  5. Well said! I couldn’t’ agree with you more. Great spin! :)

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