Come on, you must be joking!

I know this means that I am acting like a 2 year old throwing a fit…but SERIOUSLY UNIVERSE, SERIOUSLY??  FOR REALS?

This is a list (just the facts ma’am) of the life changing events in the past 2 years:

Finn was born

I almost died and was incapacitated for 3 months and recovering for another 6

Addicted to narcotics

Recovered from my addiction to narcotics

I got laid off

I got rehired

Less than a month later Josh got fired

6 months later I got fired

The good things being our sweetest, most precious, and amazing son and  the fact that all the trials and tribulations we have been through have only brought Josh and I closer together.  We have not only survived all these events, but it has made us closer and better together.  Married less than 5 years and been through more life changing events than many couples go through in a lifetime (at least that’s what I like to tell myself).

The way I figure it, the only way that this would be “fair” if this list was completed by:

Winning the lottery from tickets that we don’t buy.

Josh and I know that we will survive this.  We are survivors.  If we can survive everything else, we can get through this and hopefully come out the other end better and smarter (and maybe a little prettier too, why not, if I’m throwing wishes out there) for everything we’ve been through.  And even though I am scared to put this list in writing because the universe will say “you think this is bad, wait until I show you my wrath” I just want to say IT’S NOT FAIR.  And FOR REALS?  SERIOUSLY?  SERIOUSLY?  Come on, you must be joking!

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3 Responses to Come on, you must be joking!

  1. God, what a list. You have had a bad run. But look how strong you are: surviving everything after Finn’s birth; getting off narcotics; getting thru your husband’s job loss and your own job stresses. And most of all, your marriage surviving all this.
    That alone makes me think you’re pretty damned lucky!
    And I’ll continue to pray that the universe starts to turn around for you…

  2. Aunt Jackie says:

    I think you’re beautiful now. No need to wish to pretty yourselves up.

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