We bought a house in a cul-de-sac because we fell in love with the house, but we thought it guaranteed a ready made awesome neighborhood.  We knew it was a young neighborhood with young kids and we were planning on starting a family as soon as possible or sooner.  As we were moving (we hadn’t unpacked Josh’s tools yet) Josh needed a hammer or screwdriver or something so he went over to a guy who was mowing his lawn and asked if he could borrow one.  He said NO.  Who says no?  Like we’re not going to give it back?  Ridiculous.  My friends at work have great neighbors who they can count on to pick up their mail when they’re out of town and a friendly conversation when they’re both enjoying the weather outside.

That’s all we wanted.  Is it too much to ask?  That was our first interaction with a neighbor and it only got worse from there.  It included our next door neighbor coming over and screaming at me.  When the “For Sale” sign went up in their yard we were thrilled…maybe another person with a heart and soul who would like a friendly neighbor would buy it.  Maybe a family with kids Finns age.  Too much to ask?  Is a known meanie better than an unknown one?  When the “Sold” sign went up we celebrated with champagne.

It is now down.  Ugh.

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