I blame Caillou.

I wrote awhile ago about the TV shows that Finn watches, one being Caillou.  I thought it was a cute little show about a cute little boy until I realized that he is evil.  This cartoon boy has put all kinds of ideas in Finn’s head (this is what I’ve decided).  We put Finn to bed last night and we thought he would be out like a light because he didn’t have a good nap and he had played all afternoon.  Finn has a radar (quite amazing really) so he knows the exact moment we are going to bed so he can wake up and cry.  As I was getting ready to go to bed I hear him crying so I bring him into our bedroom for a cuddle (this is usually what it takes to get him ready to go back down).  Put him back to bed, woke up crying, cuddled again, back to bed.  Crying again.  So I ask him what is wrong.  He tells me he is scared.  Reassure him, put him back to bed.  Josh gets up with him next time and Finn tells him he is scared of the window.  I was up next and Finn tells me he is afraid of people coming through his window.  We open up his blinds and I show him there are no people out there.  I get a nightlight and Tanner stays with him in his room.  On and on this goes for what seems like the entire night.

So I start to think…why would a 2 year old be scared of people coming through his window?  How did he even think about this?  I remember Caillou had an episode that we watched where Caillou was scared of “monsters” in his room.  Therefore, I blame Caillou.  Finn better sleep tonight or I’m giving him brandy in his sippy cup.

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  1. Hot Mama :) says:

    This cracks me up…I hate to tell you, but I’m sure there will be more to come:) Hold your ground and be firm…you’ll get through it. Let’s chat about the big boy bed!

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