No idea why I’m laughing.

As a I grew up I had some sayings that I misunderstood as others do. I was watching TV this morning and there was a joke about Uranus.  I was embarrassingly old before I realized why that was funny.  Before I understood, I would just laugh along and pretend that I understand and laughed along.  Did/do you have those jokes you don’t get?

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3 Responses to No idea why I’m laughing.

  1. Falling Up says:

    I get jokes really late. I’m slow. People call me a tube light. lol

  2. Vince says:

    Some of my kid’s jokes I don’t get, but that’s partly because some of them aren’t very good.

  3. My 16 year old daughter can’t say or hear anyone use the words: balls; come, 69, inside….

    Now she’s got the rest of us giggling at them too.

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