Just another storm…

We have had a run of really bad weather.  My mother (I say this with love) calls me whenever the winds blow over 5 MPH and then calls me every 3.4 minutes to make sure that we have woken Finn and taken shelter in our basement.  We have been thrown into a tornado warning for the 3rd time in less than 2 weeks.  We have it down to a science.  Josh grabs the animals, blankets, and my computer so we can keep track of the storm and I go and wake up Finn.

The first time we took shelter there were many tornadoes that touched down within a couple miles from here.  The one that was closest to us was (thankfully) in a wooded area and then there was a tornado in a neighborhood very close where a friend lives and (as tornadoes are) it was really crazy where some houses had their decks separated from their houses and others with windows blown out and then still others that were untouched all together.  My friend’s house was unaffected, thank goodness.  They are saying tonight that the winds are so strong they are blowing cars off the road.  All in all, we have been truly lucky that there hasn’t been more destruction and lives lost.  As I am typing this I hear the thunder but both of my boys have gone to sleep.  I can’t sleep until I know it’s passed over us.

The first night we took shelter I had to literally drag Finn out of his bed, which was very surprising because he is known to wake up at the slightest noise.  I take him downstairs, lights on, weather warning blaring, and he barely opened his eyes, sleeping through the entire experience.  Tonight he was very awake and wondering what was going on.  I made a little bed for us in the best place in our house for shelter and we talked a little about what was happening and listened to the radio.  I promised we were going to keep him safe and asked him how he was feeling he said “better” and when I asked if he could go to sleep he tells me “sure.”  Which didn’t happen, but gave me hope that I could go and find his father and strangle him because Josh makes sure we are safe and then he starts pacing the house, looking out the windows.  He says he’s on the look-out.  I try to explain to him that by the time he saw anything, it would be too late and it drives me crazy.

As I cuddled Finn on the hard wood floor tonight a couple thoughts came to me.  I know without a doubt (no matter how much I try to hide it) that Finn can sense my anxiety with the situation and he also can tell that I don’t like Josh wandering around.  It is a very different experience to wait out a storm as a parent than it is as a child.  I can tell it’s a hard transition for my mom, as shown by her phone calls (still trying to make sure Josh, Finn, and I are safe first).  As a child I remember being annoyed as I was taking shelter instead of doing what I wanted.  I never really felt too much worry, because mom had it all under control and it is not an easy transition to try to give that same feeling of security to Finn.

I was equally feeling annoyed, being the 3rd time and with much better things to do.  I thought about all the times that we take cover and take precautions to be safe when nothing comes from it.  It is after each warning that we heed it and follow precautions a little less.  It is when our guard is down when the tragedy comes whether from weather or man-made.  I wondered as I cuddled my precious son and worried about my husband I also felt that it was going to be a waste and we should be in bed, sleeping.  I wondered if some of these feelings were the same right before unimaginable tragedy struck from Katrina to the earthquake in Haiti and I will try to remember it is always better safe than sorry when it comes to my family’s safety.

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3 Responses to Just another storm…

  1. Falling Up says:

    I’m glad you’re safe!! Hopefully the tornadoes will end soon. We don’t get too many where I live and if we do, they’re little ones that don’t do much damage.

  2. lesley says:

    Hi Kate,
    I’m so glad you’re all safe & sound!
    I did feel for you when I read your post, I’ve seen how scary tornados can be. In 1999 Baz was working in Houston & I’d gone out to join him for for a 2 week holiday. I had to fly home on my own though, he woke me on the morning of my homeward bound flight & said “do you want the good news or the bad?” “The good I replied” “Well your flight is on time” “Okay, & the bad?” “You’ve got a tornado heading in your flightpath!”
    Hit the link:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1999_Oklahoma_tornado_outbreak

    i wondered why the Captain had shut all the blinds on the aircraft!!!

  3. Mwa says:

    I can’t even imagine what that would be like. Glad you’re all okay.

    As a European, I often wonder if your houses would be safer if they were made of stone or brick like ours are. (This reminds me of the three piglets and the wolf.) Probably not – otherwise they would be built like that, eh?

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