Classic re-runs.

I’m not sure that these are classic, but as I am being lazy while my sister is visiting I am certainly re-running things that I have posted.  However, it is pretty much plagiarism due to the fact that I found it, copied it, pasted it, and posted it and now am re-posting it.  But in finding it funny, it’s almost as if I wrote it.  So after all this build-up here it is.  I highly recommend you re-visit it and hope you find it as funny as you did the first time or visit it for the first time.  Also, if you didn’t find it funny, then maybe you’ve had time to purchase a sense of humor.

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2 Responses to Classic re-runs.

  1. Falling Up says:

    lol. Dogs are so easy to please and cats just don’t give a crap. My aunt made the mistake of feeding her cat tuna once and the kitty refused everything else after.

  2. Be says:

    LOL – isn’t that the truth! I confess to being a dog person, but think you have finally pegged cats for me. Very funny!

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