Ah, now I remember why.

My life has been so crazy, I feel like I should be on a reality TV show or something. Or a movie. Someday soon I will sit down and write what has been going on. But for now, I am writing short posts and living a big life. When my life gets smaller and manageable I will be able to write more.

Two kids puked, one peed his pants, and counting. Thank goodness they weren’t any of my boys. And then one of mine puked, but it was in the bathroom. One got puked on. Now I remember why I don’t like the fair.

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8 Responses to Ah, now I remember why.

  1. Denise says:

    Hi, Kate! You commented on my blog, about some boots…! (I only read the comment today, I was away for some days, without my laptop!) I found your comment so sweet and came to read your blog! And your blog is definitely sweeter than anything I have ever read! I found your family so cute and you know what? I’m also an elementary teacher and taking my Master’s right now (praying to finish this year – programmed – with some luck and some mercy… some professors can be somehow… uh… well, the right word is nasty!)
    I read “about me” and I hope you are OK now (concerning the pancreatitis).
    And this post today pictured quite a hard day, mmhh? I hope tomorrow is better! (IT will!)
    Ah – Finn is adorable, congratulations!

  2. Be says:

    LOL Ah County Fairs and summertime! Puking, peeing and still counting – I seriously doubt it matters which one is doing which, but am glad I’m not holding the bag! Good luck with those cuties.

  3. LizzyBean says:

    Hi Kate! Thank you for commenting and for reading my posts! I know how it is with getting behind and so forth — I am perpetually behind!
    Cheers and good luck with the start of school!

  4. T says:

    appreciate you coming by my blog today :)

    as for fairs – despite the puking and the peeing… where else can you get fried dough on a stick coated in sugar? a necessary evil :)

  5. linlah says:

    That little boy on the right is gonna be a President someday.

  6. marzana says:

    hello again. i hate puke. the sight of puke makes me want to vomit. we might be going to a festival this weekend..have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks for visiting Kate. Glad to be here….

    I seldom go to the fair. Too many people makes me headache…

  8. Candice says:

    Ahh, nothing beats the fair.

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