And then I died.

Over at Sprite’s Keeper she invited us to Spin about Old Wives Tales.  I was trying to think of what I wanted to write about so I am really late, I don’t know if she’s going to link me up.  However, I’m putting it out there because I finally realized what I wanted to write about.  I was talking to a pregnant for the 5th time woman.  She was telling me that she has never had an epidural because she is terrified that is will paralyze her and the needle is HUGE.  I remember growing up hearing this.  Being a fan of NO PAIN I didn’t know how I was going to have kids.

When I was in labor with Finn I was freaking out because after I got epidural I could still feel everything and someone had told me that some people are just immune to epidurals.  I decided that I was going to jump out of the window because I could not birth a baby feeling all the pain in the world.  Getting it wasn’t bad at all, compared to the contractions, it was cake.  Josh told them to give me another one and a spinal too and then I was in heaven even though it took Finn another 18 hours to make his grand entrance.  I decided I wanted 2 of them with matching handbags.

Where did this old wives tale come from?  Was it ever true?  Is it just another way to get women to have more crap to deal with in their lives?

It’s funny to me because after being to scared about the pain of childbirth I had a pancreatitis and then I knew what real pain was.  And then I died.

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8 Responses to And then I died.

  1. SuziCate says:

    I remember that one…I was afraid of an epideral, too. And of course, it all stemmed from my mother…oh and the wives tales she had about menstruation; I won’t even go there!

  2. Vince says:

    My wife wanted the epidural when we had our first boy. They managed to get a bag of fluids in her in preparation but then she had to start pushing before they could do it and ended up not needing it. Our second came even faster. She was in labor about 6 hours with each kid and pushed an hour or less both times. She don’t fool around when pushing out babies.

  3. Honey, you could be writing the Secret Santa Spin and I’d STILL link ya!
    I’ve heard the same stories about epidurals, but once I was deemed c-section only, I had to push that out of my head because one was coming for sure.
    Now? I want to push for a v-bac so I can at least experience the labor! (I know. I’m nuts.)
    You’re linked!

  4. I’ve never given birth but I would def do the epidural.

  5. Why do people love to start these rumors and scare the crap out of each other?? Epidurals are God’s gift to pregnant women.

  6. erin says:

    I think I kissed the anesthesiologist when he showed up with that incredibly long needle. I was so so so happy.

  7. erin says:

    hi – thanks for stopping by my place.

  8. I never gave birth (nor can I) so I am no expert on the pain of child birth. I did have my wisdom tooth removed a few years back and had to wait for my wife to pick me up so we could get some pain killers. I was terrible and moaned the entire ride to the drug store.

    Thanks for your spin,

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