Dear Finn-2 Years & 2 Months

As I am sitting here on a Friday night writing this you are running around yelling “red light, green light.”  Since you have been home for the past 90 minutes here is an example of a night for you.

You arrive to announce to me “I’m Pinn.  I’m a dump truck.”

“I want juice.  I want milk.  I want juice.  I want a nack.” (translation: snack)

You put your favorite blanket over your head, wandering around, informing us that you are a monster.

You run around with Hazel yelling “run fast Hazel, run fast.”

You play monsters on my phone.

You play hide and seek (but you think covering your eyes means we can’t see you).

You like to tickle and wrestle but when we tickle you, you are very fast to cry “uncle.”

When you sneeze you say “bless you” to yourself.

You are pretending your feet are cookies.  You share with Daddy and I.

You actually sat down and watched some of the videos I made.  That is the reason that I make and post them.  You really showed interest for the first time.  If you knew how sick and tired you will get of everything I’ve made and written, you’d beg me to wreck ’em.  I tried to make you watch them before, but you weren’t interested.  Now that you are, I am excited beyond what words can express, for as short as this interest will last.

You race us to your room.  I say “I’m going to beat you” and you run yelling “no, me…no, me.”

Before bed you always want to sing Twinkle Star and Bumble Bee.

In other words, you are non-stop.  As an only child you have learned to play by yourself and be very independent.  I have so much fun just watching you experience and enjoy life.  Summer feels like it’s over and I also feel like it never really started.  I had great plans of all the things we would do together this summer.  Time passes you by unless you grab on and hold on for dear life.  We still accomplished the most important things this summer.  That was spending time together and spending time with family and friends that were visiting.

You are very flexible and generous even as a 2 year-old.  I am so proud of you, you become more of yourself each month and each month I try to describe that, and I don’t possess the words.  Daddy and I see a little bit of the terrible two’s, but for the most part you are a well behaved, kind, and loving.  I remind you that even if you are in trouble, Daddy and I always love you.

We went down to visit your Great Grandma (Jo Jo’s mom).  She fell and we were all very worried about her.  She was in the hospital for a little while, back home, back to the hospital, and now back home.  It reminded me that it is so important to spend time with those that you love because you don’t know how long they’ll be around (anyone could be run over by a bus, we just never know).  Great Grandma is going to be just fine, thank goodness.  The other thing it reminded me of is how important it is to let others know how you feel about them.  People don’t know unless you tell them.  When you say you love someone make sure that you mean it and if you do, say it often.

I love you and always will, no matter what.



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3 Responses to Dear Finn-2 Years & 2 Months

  1. Gayle says:

    Oh, how I wish I had done this when my kids were little! This is so sweet.

  2. carma says:

    what a little sweetie pie :) I have an only – but he is 14 already!! Can I really be that old???

  3. Gropius says:

    What a beautiful & sweet post! I love the image of Finn running to his room shouting that he’ll beat you there. Such a visual image that’s common to almost every home with little kids! Such a cutie, that one is. Love the black and white photo.

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