So unfortunately my wife can’t post right now…. something to do with a baby and it coming out of her body(the hand drawn map must have done the trick). Well, for all of you out there this is my first post so go easy on me ladies and gentlemen and the boo’s from the back row ain’t helping. For the past hour or so my wife has been having a larger number of frequent contractions they must have been so scary that the scared off the last two doctor(two down, they keep lining them up and we keep knocking them down). It does seem like the quality of doctors we have be getting is slowly declining hill I think the last one said sorry about 42 times in a min. I think by morning we will have a 2 year old doctor and a 1 day old baby. Good thing, Kate is now moving to getting IV fluids that must mean she is at about 5 cm, wait nope just 1cm, but she should be progressing faster now that the contractions are getting more painful a pole was just taken and its at a 10 out of 10, wait nope I’m sorry Florida was counted in there the recount shows that we are actually at a 3-4, but a painful 3-4. I’ll be back on later with an update

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