Baby love…

With each new baby the world lights up with new possibilities.  Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in our hearts.  Or so says Pooh.  The Mabor’s welcomed the newest member of their family Wednesday night.  I know they all felt their hearts fill with love for the newest member of their family.  Gisma gave birth to a precious baby girl after only an hour (that’s not a typo…ONE HOUR…Finn took about 30 hours…I thought I was going to die).  Ngor calls me and tells me that his mom’s stomach is hurting so I rush over to drive her to the hospital and call her husband, thinking he can start back to Rochester from his work which is about an hour away.  So I drop her off at the hospital, take the kids back to their house to get clothes and school stuff and take them home where Josh has made dinner.  As we are eating Gisma calls and Ngor tells me she had the baby.  I didn’t believe it.  ONE! HOUR!  I guess that’s what happens on your fifth.  It’s like you didn’t even notice you gave birth.  ONE! HOUR!  Their dad didn’t even have time to make it to the hospital because the baby was born in ONE! HOUR!  It still blows my mind.  Anyways…here is the sweet family.

Happy birthday little girl.  Welcome to the world!  How blessed we are to have you!

Baby Girl Mabor from Kate Hanke on Vimeo.

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