That? That’s the new car smell you are smelling!

Josh and I have spent SO MUCH TIME updating this website.  However,  I can finally say I have it exactly as I want it.  There is not even one thing that I want to change.  AND we’re still married (even though at one point I accidentally un-did about 4 hours of his work).  The positive thing about that is the 2nd time he did it, he was much faster.  Practice not only makes perfect but also it makes you fast (or this is what we learned, I also learned it’s a good way to get the silent treatment from your husband).

If you are a detail oriented person (or you just want to hear me brag about the AWESOMENESS of my new and improved site) you’ll notice these changes.  First, I’m sure you’ll notice the changes in the colors, which is thanks to Josh.  Then if you look closely you may see that you can contact me OR subscribe either by RSS or email (if you are not a technical person, I’m not really either…I just found out about Google Reader).  You may also notice that you can “like” my posts on Facebook (how technically advanced is THAT?  I’m even impressing myself here) and you will also be provided choices of previous posts that the robot/child laborer that lives in my computer thinks you might enjoy.

If you do enjoy something, you may want to take a moment to comment…where you will notice that I have installed comment luv that will connect to your most recent post on your blog. So I can return the love that you so kindly gave by commenting (the very least I can do).

On the right hand side you can see my recent posts, recent comments, Flickr feed, category cloud, archive list, and category list.

I understand you are now sleeping at your computer, I can HEAR you snoring.  But I think it is only because you don’t understand HOW LONG IT TOOK ME (or us rather).  AND HOW MUCH I LOVE IT.  If I could adopt it, I would.  Or perhaps Josh would be open to making it a brother-husband.  Anywho…I hope you enjoy it and I can’t wait to start doing AWESOME things with my header!

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6 Responses to That? That’s the new car smell you are smelling!

  1. Denise says:

    Oh, you bet I noticed everything, every little detail here! And it’s amazing! I loved the new looks! Really, simply loved it! I am telling myself for ages to do something more out of my blog, but it can wait a bit… first, travelling (duty, you know, but it’ll make my heart calmer knowing I went there), then studying for the final Master exams, and theeeeen… it’ll take 6 months more for me to think of the blog’s looks…. as you just said, it takes hooours! But the result? Looovely, your blog is such a pleasure!
    Thanks for your thoughts, Kate, you are special! It’s been a though year for me… but I have so sweet friends, they helped me with positive energy and love… I thank the universe for being still “right in the head”, like a friend of mine calls it!
    Have a great Sunday, Kate, and waiting for your next post!
    Denise recently posted..Halloween costumeMy Profile

  2. Khyra's Mom says:

    The colours are PERFECT!

    It all looks great!

    Khyra’s Mom recently posted..Sunday SharingMy Profile

  3. LOVE that you two did it together. Very cool! And, it looks fabulous.

    Happy Halloween!
    Dina @ 4 Lettre Words recently posted..H is forMy Profile

  4. linlah says:

    LOVE all the changes. Sometimes the silent treatment is a good thing.
    linlah recently posted..marshmallows are not just a tasty treatMy Profile

  5. Mwa says:

    Very professional looking!
    Mwa recently posted..Accidental lewdnessMy Profile

  6. Grumble, now I am sorry I didn’t find this earlier. So I could enjoy the changes ;>) Struggled to add CommentLuv to mine, gave up, and added latest comments on the sidebar as second best.

    In your header, is that a quote, or your own words?
    ‘The clouds ye so much dread, are big with mercy, and shall break in blessing on your head’ William Cowper
    Elephant’s Eye recently posted..Dona nobis pacemMy Profile

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