Who’s the Hottie Teller?

Today we went to visit daddy at his brand new job (yea for promotions!) at his brand new branch (very fancy, if your around Shoppes on Maine, stop in and see him, you may have to wait for awhile to talk to him because they are SO BUSY-he helped like 6 people in the 8 hours he worked today. There is also a good chance you might run into Kate and the little monkey because we are going to be coming for visits)!

Finn got all dressed up for him, wearing a onesie declaring his love for his daddy. Although when we got there, he really didn’t show it all, screaming away (especially when daddy was holding him, it’s okay Finn, I missed daddy today too)! Finn brought daddy a present courtesy of a wonderful gift from Great Aunt Karen (look for the picture frame in the picture).

Getting squeaky clean for daddy and LOVING it!

Dressing up for daddy, even if you can’t tell, I am screaming. I look all nice and cute like maybe I am cooing, but really I’m still screaming.

Today was a pretty big day for mama too. For the first time since Finn has been born I got out of my pajama pants and into real pants. Hey, I had to look decent for meeting Josh’s co-workers for the first time! I also have realized that with sleep deprivation I am losing my mind. Not only did we forget to put the garbage out this morning (if this continues, things could get really stinky:) but I was also walking around getting ready to leave with Finn and was all like, why is my mouth tasting so horrible, oh yes, I forgot to brush my teeth!

Also, when I was driving, I realized I shouldn’t have been. It was sort of the same feeling as when I’ve had 1 or 2 beers and then drive an hour or so later. However, now I have the most precious cargo there is and I do not know what I would do if I got into an accident. I was really concentrating and making sure we were safe, far away from other cars and such. I have never been so scared to drive in my life, and I pride myself on being a good driver. Although I kept reminding myself that monkey is safer in his car seat then when he was in my uterus, probably for the last 10-12 weeks of my pregnancy at least because if there was an accident the steering wheel or air bag probably would have done him in. I was very aware of this because last year a para at Franklin that was 38 weeks pregnant was in a car crash, not even a very serious one, and lost her baby. I could think of nothing worse. Any cars that got too close or thought I was going too slow, I gave the evil eye to, don’t they understand I am providing transportation to the best person on the planet? Make way!

As an add on to this mornings post, another part of me that I can’t say really hurt, but it really bothered me was my hair. I cut it chin length last fall when it made me cry to put my hair up in my normal knot because pregnancy made my already super sensitive scalp even more sensitive. I have been growing it out since then and suffering through months of hair that I couldn’t keep out of my face and off my neck (my biggest pet peeve). It was finally long enough to put into pig tails and I figured if I suffered until fall, I could actually pull it into a pony tail (big deal)! However, during labor and after I just knew I couldn’t handle it anymore. I couldn’t deal with all the other things that were happening with my body and being the kind of mom I wanted to be with hair that was driving me nuts. So I did it, as I have often joked about, I cut it all off. Again, my most wonderful husband did not want me to do this because he likes my hair long and he was afraid I would like a man (I was like, honey, I have 2 gynormous boobs and I look like I’m 20 weeks pregnant, no one is going to think that I am a man). But he was supportive and even pretended to like how it looked, although I don’t think he does. For the first time, I don’t think he likes my hair, sad. Maybe it’ll grow on him, then again, maybe not. Now I want you to understand that I do not think that it looks good, I never thought it would, but it FEELS wonderful. It is nice and cool and I don’t have to think about it (and a plus a couple months down the road, Finn won’t be able to grab and pull it)! I figure I can’t stand to look at myself right now anyways, I might as well have hair that I enjoy the feeling of. If I get brave enough, I will post a picture of myself tomorrow. Also, I may post a picture of my gas mask boobs (I will explain), which I think is hilarious…check back! I also am going to try to post some video here, let’s hope I am successful!

Lastly I would like to say that Finn is counting down the days until he gets to cuddle and love on Grandma and Grandpa (good sucking up Finn, keep it up!). 4 days to go!

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