What I learned for sure in 2010.

I learned if I had the choices between having all my wishes come true and having my life, as it is now, with my boys, I would choose my boys everyday and twice on Sunday.  If I had a million dollars and no Josh or Finn, it wouldn’t have any value to me.

I learned my belief in what I know to be right and true is more important than keeping my job.

**This is painful for me to write, after 3 months of unemployment, but it’s no less true.**

I learned you have to work hard for what you want and when you get what you want, the working hard never stops.  With hard work and faith I’ll get where I’m meant to be.

I learned you’ll live the lesson OVER and OVER until you learn it…even if it’s a painful one.

I learned the lessons that are the most valuable usually are the most painful to learn.

I learned the value of our spirit is greater than the value of anything externally.

I learned when you get to the bottom of the barrel, you need to give yourself permission to freak out, pull it together, and then find another barrel.

I learned misery might like company, but strength of character and courage also likes company.  We can find strength from other people who are going though the same challenges as well as people who fought their way out of the same challenge.  Together everybody achieves more.

I learned the more someone is in crisis, the less they are able to camouflage who they truly are…what their soul is made of.

I learned that I’m stronger than I thought (again).

What did you learn for sure this year?

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12 Responses to What I learned for sure in 2010.

  1. Gayle says:

    I learned that my family is strong and we pull together in difficult times.

    That’s the best one ever!
    :) Kate
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  2. Well said Kate. I learned that sometimes it’s difficult to recognise/recognize the things that are important in my life. They tend to get buried under all the fracas that’s shouting for my attention. I need to dig deeper and cosset the things that I love.
    Have a great journey into the New Year!

    I love getting your comments, they always make me laugh because you make some funny name. You should make a collection of these.

    Happy New Year to you Sans!
    :) Kate

  3. Khyra's Mom says:

    I learned I’m not sure what I’ve learned this year –

    Cheers to 2011 being better for ALL of us!

    That is the perfect one! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    :) Kate

  4. Linda says:

    Now why is that? Why do we need to camouflage ourselves in the first place… as if letting people see our souls is such a horrible thing? And why should it take a crisis? Maybe 2011 holds the answers…

    Happy New Year, Kate… ; )

    Ooohh, thanks for pointing that out. I wasn’t clear. I meant in not a flattering way. Things someone doesn’t want us to see comes out when things get tough…I’m not sure I made that any clearer.

    Happy New Year to you and yours Linda!
    :) Kate

  5. Mama Zen says:

    You are stronger than you think. May 2011 bring you all the best!

    I hope so! From your fingers to God’s ears!
    :) Kate
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  6. JaniceP says:

    I also learned to stand up for what I believe in, and that it all works out in the end.

    I hope you and your family have a great 2011.

    :) Kate

  7. I learned that happy & good things can and do happen to me & that I do deserve them!

    That is such a great one! Thanks for sharing (and I agree, you do)!
    :) Kate
    The Social Frog recently posted..It’s All About The TextureMy Profile

  8. maggie says:

    I definitely learned some of the same lessons as you :)
    I for sure learned that I deserve people in my life who accept me just the way I am. I for sure learned the importance of honesty and trust. And filling your life with people who make you happy is worth more than anything else in the world. :)

    i also learned about how to file an insurance claim on my car :S

    and i learned a fair bit about myself. i always felt i was someone who would do anything for the people i care about. this year i’ve learned for sure i am that kind of person. :)

    And you learned how to drive a car…which makes filing an insurance claim even less fun…but more understandable!

    :) Kate
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  9. quilly says:

    Some people don’t recognize the lesson they learned until after they are long passed. It sounds like you are taking stock of your life and that will help you make wise decisions going forward.

    Trying, trying. Hopefully that will be enough!
    :) Kate

  10. Lady Fi says:

    Great lessons – even if you have to go through the bad stuff to learn them. But that’s life, I’ve learnt: we have to go through tough times in order to shape our strength and beauty.

    Yes, unfortunately! I wish we could learn the hard lessons by eating ice cream and petting kittens.
    :) Kate
    Lady Fi recently posted..Cherishing the oldMy Profile

  11. nelson says:

    I learned so many things in 2010 and a comment would not be enough to say them. I guess one whole blog article would do… Hmmmm… Anyways, thanks for sharing your 2010 lessons. Reading them actually made me reflect about my own life. Happy New Year!

    :) Kate
    nelson recently posted..Digital Catharsis- 2010 in reviewMy Profile

  12. What a great post! It is so true that we relive lessons until they are learned. I am done learning some of these lessons! No more!

    Congrats on that…I hope I can say the same thing!
    :) Kate

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