Do you love Finn?

I was looking through some of the options for our website and saw that there is an option of receiving money for putting ads on our site. I was all like, I like money and Great Uncle Lyle said that we need to start a college fund for Finn. So we signed up and really, if you love Finn you’ll help us out! We get some moola if you click on the ads that appear on our site (you don’t have to buy anything, just click) or there will be a google box like if you went to and if you search through our site we get money for that as well. So you can search every day for great colleges for Finn to attend!

So you can prove your love for our little monkey by doing those 2 things when you read (and hopefully enjoy) our posts. Really, if you don’t, we just won’t believe that you love Finn at all! You could also just use our google search instead of using the google search engine, I mean if you REALLY love Finn.

These ads should be appearing in the next couple days, so get ready to help us get Finn into Harvard, Great Uncle Lyle says so!

Post note: to click on the ads, you have to go all the way to the bottom of the page. I don’t see a google box yet, I will let you know when I do!

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