Unliking Facebook…part 1.

This is split up into 3 parts.  Check back tomorrow for part 2 and on Monday part 3 will be coming your way.

PLEASE HELP!! One of the boys I mentor had a FB (Facebook) group created about him and it has been up for a very long time. I have spent the last 2 hours looking for a way to get it taken down but FB doesn’t provide any way to contact them.

The only way to attack this seems to be reporting the page, but it only works if a lot of people report it. I would really appreciate it if you could take a moment to report it.  It will just take you a minute…

Click here and it will take you to the page.  Look under the profile picture and you’ll see a “report group” link to click on.

This makes me sick to my stomach and furious for so many reasons:

-Really FB (and other social sites)????  How many kids have to suffer before you are going to make a change?  How much blood do you need on your hands when kids believe the only way out is ending their lives???  How far are you going to let it go??  When are you going to step up?

-ANY group, page, profile that has hate speech in it SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED.

-FB…you don’t allow people to report cyber bullying via phone and/or a email because you don’t want to take responsibility??  What are you hiding from?  You’re not allowing these kids to hide from hate speech…yet you are in hiding for doing the RIGHT thing??

-This group has been up for A YEAR and nothing has been done…even though it has been reported several times…including by an ENTIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT.

-This group claims to be “just for fun” and “inside joke.”  I don’t find it funny…do you Facebook?

Please tweet, post, and share this.  This boy is part of my family.  His father left a message on my phone not too long ago saying we were one family in heart.  This is my boy, of my heart.

But don’t just do it for him…but for ANY and ALL that allow bullying and hate speech.

Facebook allows this…

How many more kids have to suffer and possibly take their lives before things change?

If Facebook (and other sites) won’t change it…we need to take it into our own hands.  Please stand next to me and send a message…this is unacceptable and we won’t stand for it.  If you believe words have power…then this matters…

This is split up into 3 parts.  Check back tomorrow for part 2 and on Monday part 3 will be coming your way.


VICTORY!!  Thank you so much for all your help…for those who took a moment to report it.  Thanks to your help the group was taken down less than 24 hours later.

I can’t even express my gratitude.  We did what an entire school district couldn’t do.  It may be a small, baby step.  At least it’s one in the right direction!  AND there is no doubt how small this seems to you and I, there is a 11 year old boy that it means the world to.  Hopefully this will be just the beginning of protecting kids from cyber-bullying.  Couldn’t have done it without you.  From the bottom of my heart and Ngor’s too!

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15 Responses to Unliking Facebook…part 1.

  1. Nic says:

    Hey sweetie,

    I’d love to help, but you’ve got to help me here. After I click report this page, and then say hate speech. But then what…race/religious/disability? Can’t say he’s a friend since FB knows he’s not a friend.

    You don’t actually have to be “friends” with him on Facebook to say that he is a “friend” so I would go with that option since the other ones don’t apply. Thanks for helping!!!
    :) Kate

  2. Travis says:

    I don’t use FB, but I share your concern about all forms of bullying. Cyber bullies and the media they use will always try to hide behind free speech and protest that they don’t want to be accused of censorship.

    I stand with you in your efforts to address this issue on behalf of the young man. Please convey this blogger’s message to him…be strong and remember that it does get better.

    Smart…I wish I could say I didn’t use FB, but it’s one of my many vices!! I will pass on your kind words to him, thanks!
    :) Kate
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  3. Ugh, that sucks. I really hope it gets taken down soon.

    :) Kate
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  4. Mrsbear says:

    I hit the report button. Hope it makes a difference. It’s absolutely not okay.

    Thank you SO MUCH!!!
    :) Kate
    Mrsbear recently posted..You’ll Barely Notice the Scars- Mostly Because it’s a MetaphorMy Profile

  5. Nic says:

    Ugh there’s always something. At work I first wasn’t allowed to leave messages on your blog. Now I’m at home to report that facebook page, will the link only take me to facebook.com. I’ll report the page tomorrow at work.
    So it took some time to do it but: Cyberbullying is just NOT OK.

    I feel like I’ve caused you so many problems today. It was so great of you not to give up, you have my deep gratitude. Thanks for your time and thought! There’s always something…right? I’m lucky I haven’t pulled all my hair out!
    :) Kate
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  6. linlah says:

    I’d love to help but when I click the link it takes me to my page. Hope it gets taken down.

    It’s down…it’s down!!! Thanks for the support!
    :) Kate
    linlah recently posted..getting my ass kicked by 1957My Profile

  7. goodfather says:

    First of all, awesome that you took up the torch on this one. I hate bullying of any kind (you have to guess whether I was ‘bully’ or ‘bullied’ in school), so I really like it when kids are defended. Secondly, um… when I click the link I just go to my own profile. Mission… accomplished? Is the page still there? Maybe I’m not doing it right.

    It was taken down!! YEA! Thanks to everyone! And by the way…I can’t imagine you being a bully…so I’m guessing you were bullied? You seem way too sweet to be a bully!
    :) Kate
    goodfather recently posted..EmployedMy Profile

  8. kamana says:

    i do have a FB account, but i hardly ever use it. i find it terribly annoying.

    I just started using it this past summer. Otherwise it was just there, something I checked maybe 3 times a month. That’s one of the problems…it’s very addictive!
    :) Kate
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  10. Kimberly says:

    Awesome! Thank you for posting this. So glad it was taken down. Good job you!
    I don’t know how I missed part 1…off to read part two!
    Kimberly recently posted..A Helpful TipMy Profile

  11. Nic says:

    Yeah for it being down. I came back to report it as well.

    I’ve got no problem with spending some time on something that matters. I find it very tiresome to spend time on things that can be solved so easily (as arguing back and forth with a supplier who could have simply answered my first e-mail with yes or no).

    Right? Thanks for your help!
    :) Kate
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  12. Kyooty/Mary says:

    Yes the group is now gone. There are plenty of options for reporting groups on FB. You really have to use it a lot to know. Also just closing the group? wouldn’t help you need to click report for every person that belongs to the group.

    Whoever created the group made it private so I couldn’t see the admin, members, or even how many were in the group. Otherwise I would have reported all the participants as well.
    :) Kate
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  13. maggie says:

    How horrible that fb would need some certain threshold of reports to be met to take down something like that :( You would think somehow there’d be a better way to run things…
    Sorry I didn’t see this in time to help, but glad to hear you got the help you needed!!

    Right? I don’t understand how that’s not considered a necessity as a social site. They need to take responsibility for their actions!
    :) Kate
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  15. Ferd says:

    Sorry I got here too late because I would have LOVED to participate in the taking down of hate speech.
    Great job, Kate!!!
    Words DO have power!!

    I could not have done it alone, I am so grateful for those that helped out and reported the group!
    :) Kate
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