What you’re missing if you’re not friends with me on Facebook.

So I’m sick and didn’t have posts that were ready to share without some MAJOR editing so I decided to give you the gift of what you would get to enjoy if you were friends with me on Facebook.

I’m taking applications for people who want to be friends with me…I only accept people that are willing to give me a kidney if I need one.  Considering I have a kidney disease the chances are about .83% greater than I will need a kidney than the average person…so you should really consider the consequences before you friend me


I’m going to apply for mother of the year. I let Finn dress himself even though it took 5 hours AND I let him pick out his and wear his outfit even though it is all one color. I have very few fashion rules, but one is never dress in the same color. If you see my eye twitching, you’ll know why. It’s killing me that he’s wearing ALL blue. My own son…


Filling up ice cube trays and explaining to Finn that the phone is not a toy – it’s a phone and it’s connected to the wall and has a “dial tone.”  Feel like I’m living in the olden days…Finn’s looking at me like I’m lying…as if he’s saying – there’s no way that’s a phone…


Finn-I not cold mama…I FREEZING!!!


Me doing homework (translation=distracted) + toddler + lotion = disaster


When Finn informs me that he doesn’t like any picture if he’s not in them I am a little concerned that I have created an only child catastrophe. Isn’t it normal to have 9 pictures of your child displayed in your living room aka shrine? What do you mean the world doesn’t revolve around my son??


My son just told me that “I’m not being very nice.” Guess I better be changing my attitude!! 😉


My son has lost his ever loving mind. And his mind must have taken mine so it wouldn’t get lonely on the trip.


What’s the difference between boogers and broccoli? Kids won’t eat broccoli.


Prince is not Martin Luther King’s son.


I am so lucky to have the best husband in the world…and he’s teaching our 2.5 year old to recycle. JACKPOT!!


How anyone raises kids without dogs…I don’t know. I hope I never have to find out. Finn has woken up between 12-2 for the past 5 nights. Nothing seemed to help–tonight I put our yellow lab in his room with him and he’s in dreamland. Success. Thanks Tanner!!


Finn: knock, knock
Me: Who’s there?
Finn: Banana bread
Me: Banana bread who?
Finn: Banana bread MILK!!!


Finn’s running around yelling “hit them in the BALLS.” That’s thanks to my husband.


It is cruel, unusual punishment when husbands cook cheese bread while their wives are sick. Just saying is all.


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9 Responses to What you’re missing if you’re not friends with me on Facebook.

  1. Raven says:

    LOL Finn is such a cutie!
    Raven recently posted..No Green Day for Me- Just Drooling LunaticsMy Profile

  2. Kate says:

    That’s a kind way to put it!
    :) Kate

  3. Some great lines there. Aren’t we already Facebook friends?
    Sprite’s Keeper recently posted..The Dimosaur DisclaimerMy Profile

  4. Kate says:

    We are now!
    :) Kate

  5. Kate says:

    Much better now…I think we finally got all the germs out of our house…thank goodness! Not a moment too soon, in my opinion!
    :) Kate

  6. Ferd says:

    Hope you’re feeling better!
    Ferd recently posted..Pee Dee National Wildlife RefugeMy Profile

  7. maggie says:

    haha, I’d be your facebook friend 😉 Do you accept friends that may not have a kidney left to give, though??

    (also, read the kidney disease post. read the wiki link. totally understood what it said. does that make up for my non-donor viability??)
    First, we’d have to discuss what else you could offer if not a kidney…such as, would you be willing to part with a limb, lung, or heart? I’d take your brain for sure, I’d be getting A’s in my class now if I had your brain. I would also be your friend if I could be the guardian for Ollie if anything happened to you. Deal? Or I’ll consider any other proposal you would like to submit!

    Umm…can I pay you to be my doctor?
    :) Kate

    maggie recently posted..Breaking Things on Purpose is Very SatisfyingMy Profile

  8. linlah says:

    A house without a dog is not a home. Also cheese bread torture is cruel and unusual punsihment,. Hope you’re feeling better.
    I LOVE this quote and it’s SO TRUE!
    :) Kate

    linlah recently posted..don’t drink the kool-aidMy Profile

  9. Tracey says:

    Yeah go on, I’ll be your friend. You’ll find my FaceBook comments even more scintillating than my comments here. You can find me via the name in my email address. :)
    Are you offering a kidney?
    :) Kate

    Tracey recently posted..Before and AfterMy Profile

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