Expectations for teachers.

I get heated when I watch stories about horrible teacher.  I heard a story the other day about a teacher who took a picture of a 2nd grade girl who had her hair done in a unique way (with Jolly Ranchers-I think this is a great idea-a snack is right there if she gets hungry), posted it on-line and wrote derogatory comments about the girl and another there was another teacher who literally put tape over a girl’s mouth because she refused to stop talking.

Both of those teacher’s still have their jobs.

Glad they got me out of the classroom.  I was so damaging to kids that my administrator told me the only way that I could have been more harmful is if I physically abused a child.  I was a menace.

Glad to know GREAT teachers jobs are safe–the ones who put tape over mouths and publicly embarrass kids.

I can sleep soundly tonight knowing only AMAZING teachers are keeping their jobs.

Just saying is all.

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3 Responses to Expectations for teachers.

  1. Tracey says:

    Pfffft to them!
    Tracey recently posted..AmazingMy Profile

  2. Raven says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. That is INSANE! I can’t believe that. It reminds me of my old middle school. A teacher there hit a kid, and they fired him, but then ended up hiring him back. WTF? He didn’t last long before they fired him again, but still. Didn’t they learn the first time?
    Raven recently posted..Procrastinating for Fun and ProfitMy Profile

  3. maggie says:

    the photo taking one irritates me so much. unless she had the parents permission to post that, she should definitely be fired. I took photographs at our college open house event a few years back and i think I was told 50 times if I was told once, that I couldn’t use any photos that had children in them unless I had the parent’s permission…
    and, heck, i’m not even allowed to post pictures taken inside my place of work now, no matter who/what’s in the photo!!! I would literally get fired, I’ve already been told. And I certainl wasn’t humiliating anyone with my photos.

    maggie recently posted..My First Taste of the East Coast TrailMy Profile

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