Proof positive that I’m a hoarder.

During spring cleaning I came across pancreas enzymes that cost ONE.BILLION.DOLLARS –that was the actual price at the pharmacy-I have the receipt to prove it–from when I was sick. I only took about 5 because they were horse pills and I couldn’t swallow them with a feeding tube down my throat.

I also have the cans of the sustenance (I can’t call it food–although in all fairness I never tasted it–sometimes you just know something’s nasty, even without trying it) I put into my feeding tube.

I’m thinking maybe its time to throw those out?

I just can’t bear to.  They’re perfectly good….never know if I might need them again or maybe someone else will.  And they all cost SO.MUCH.MONEY!

That’s when I realized I have a problem.  Must start throwing things out before the piles reach the ceiling.

**TOTAL RANDOM THOUGHT**Positive side to having necratizing pancreatitis (if it doesn’t kill you)? Getting that question right on a test. $200,000 well spent, I say. Priceless!

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6 Responses to Proof positive that I’m a hoarder.

  1. Candice says:

    Ha! I’m the same way, think I picked it up from my mother. Hoarders4Life.
    Candice recently posted..Cougar Coins & Lumberjacks: Reasons Why HI-Canada Hostels RockMy Profile

  2. Vince says:

    Meds actually do expire, so you shouldn’t feel bad about getting rid of them.
    Vince recently posted..Whew!My Profile

  3. Tracey says:

    I have never been a hoarder (unless you count the shoes – and even then I’m prepared to throw out the old ones occasionally) and I recently watched my first every episode of Hoarders. Holy crap. Now I KNOW I’m not a hoarder and I never want to be.
    Tracey recently posted..And why wouldn’t you go to the beach in the middle of winter?My Profile

  4. Kate says:

    Let’s go get us some matching tattoos!
    :) Kate

  5. Kate says:

    Maybe I wasn’t clear…SO.MUCH.MONEY.
    :) Kate

  6. Kate says:

    It’s a GREAT life…I have everything I could ever need…if only I could find them…come over to the dark side!
    😉 Kate

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