The magic dinner party.

I know this is a question we all have probably answered, but I heard it the other day and wanted to see if I could get it going again.  So here is my list…I would love to hear yours!

1. Katharine Hepburn-I was named after Katharine and so when I was growing up I collected any and all magazines, books, shows, and movies that featured her.  My mom thought she was a very strong, intelligent woman who made life fit her instead of fitting into life and that was her wish for her daughter.  Before she died my mom wrote her a letter telling her that she had named me after her and she wrote back (her signature is in her hand, it is obviously after she was suffering from Parkinson’s), it is one of my most prized possession.  To be able to sit and speak with her would be a great moment.

2. Martin Luther King Jr.  He is just such an amazing, wise, courageous man who really paved the way for acceptance and love for all.  His truth is timeless.  Even today his quotes are quite possibly the most intelligent commentary on how we should act and treat one another.

3. Barack Obama and Michelle Obama-this counts as 1 because they’re married so that counts as one (my game, my rules).  I have endless admiration for both and would just sit and soak up their wisdom.  One of the greatest moments I remember after he was elected was sitting with my Grandma and sister and they both said they didn’t think they would live to vote for and watch an African American elected as president.  That was a great moment that I will never forget.  We proved that we are continuing to move in the right direction.  I am very excited about the possibility of who else will be elected in my lifetime.

4. Wynton Marsalis-he is a famous trumpet player and when I attended Lawrence University for 6 months my Aunt Jackie came to visit and saw a poster saying that Marsalis was speaking and she told me that I had to go.  I had no intention of going, but somehow I ended up there and from listening to him speak for an hour he turned what I thought I knew upside down.  He spoke with such intelligence and from a perspective I had never considered.  It was a great moment, it was the first time I had really experienced it, and made me want to search out more opportunities to really listen and understand people who are very different than myself.  I learned that listening to people who have different ideas, lives, and perspectives could teach us so much about ourselves.  It was also right after September 11th and he focused on how we could respond with something other than hatred, fear, and revenge.

5. FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt (also counts as one)-my favorite president.  He knew how to correct the problems of the country, even though it made him despised, and he didn’t let the rules control his office.  Sometimes we have to think and act outside of the box (especially when we are in crisis-it’s just hard to know sometimes if it’s the a good answer or horrendous mistake).

Now I realize I can’t stop at 5, so I’m going to 10.  MY GAME.  MY RULES.

6. Harriet Tubman-because she’s awesome and brave and wouldn’t accept others telling her that she was stupid and incapable just because of the color of her skin and gender.  Also because she is my sister’s favorite.  I think she was Tubman at least 24 times for Halloween.

7. Oprah-because I’m just not ready to say goodbye to her in 3 days.  Tear.

8.  Whoopi Goldberg-because she is my mom’s favorite and so therefore became mine growing up.  My first R-rated movie was Flashdance (if you love this movie half as much as I do-it took me about a month to realize but the dancer in that movie is now stars on Chicago Code which is a great show!!) my second(ish) R-rated movie was Jumping Jack Flash and I watched Sister Act until my VHS was worn out.  Smart, funny, rule breaker–she’s my kinda girl!

9.  Bill Cosby-I LOVE him!!  He is amazing.  My mom took me to a stand up show when I was in high school and I LOVED him even more.

10.  Jennifer Weiner-favorite author.

I know you would invite me to your dinner party, that’s a given, but who would the other  4 9be?

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8 Responses to The magic dinner party.

  1. Raven says:

    I love the people you chose. It would be a very interesting dinner party!

    Hmmm…I’ll have to think about this one. I mean, Sully of course would be #1 followed by Mileva Einstein. But other than that I’m not sure. I might have to do a post on this.
    Raven recently posted..I Think Thats My Brain Oozing Out of My EarsMy Profile

  2. Kate says:

    I LOVE the idea of Mileva Einstein (I had to Google her). I’ll be checking to see if you post on this (I won’t take it personally if you don’t), I think yours will be very interesting…I’ll probably have to have Wikipedia open in another tab for sure though!
    :) Kate

  3. Vince says:

    I’d want all of my blog pals to be there so I could finally meet most of them in person. So I’d just have to invite 9 other bloggers!
    Vince recently posted..Life out of controlMy Profile

  4. Tracey says:

    I want to be all cerebral and invite people who are important and smart, but really I just want funny people to entertain me. Number one on my list is Ross Noble.
    Tracey recently posted..Wow Just… wowMy Profile

  5. Mary Jo Majerus says:

    1. Kate Hanke and Jessica Majerus (they count as 1 cause they’re sisters)
    2. Josh Hanke and Finn Hanke (they also count as 1 – cause they’re father and son
    3. Whoopi Goldberg (whew- HAD to include this one:)
    4. Obamas
    5. Nelson Mandela
    6. Elizabeth Blackwell
    7. Amelia Earhart
    8. Rosa Parks
    9. Rachel Carson
    10. Dian Fossey

    That’s my list
    Love, mom

  6. Kate says:

    I have to Google some of these! Why no Katharine Hepburn? I love Rosa Parks and Amelia Earhart…those are great ones!! You don’t have to count people who you ACTUALLY get to eat dinner with! :)

  7. Kate says:

    You’re totally right!! Funny people would be much more fun! Although I really do think some smart people can be funny too…I might have re-think my list!! Do you have a favorite Ross Noble video/joke? I haven’t heard of him before!
    :) Kate

  8. Kate says:

    Best answer, that’s what I would want to do too, for sure!!
    :) Kate

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