Finn’s imaginary friends.

Finn has an amazing imagination.  It’s so much fun, but sometimes it crosses over to where he believes something is real and it isn’t…as he describes it as something he experienced!

Finn- Does Tony have friends?

Me-I don’t know Tony.  Is Tony at daycare?


Me-Who is Tony?

Finn-I call him Iron Man.

Josh filled me in, one of Finn’s favorite TV shows is Iron Man who is about Tony Stark.

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4 Responses to Finn’s imaginary friends.

  1. Denise says:

    That was so nice! I knew Iron Man, of course, but I would have never come to Tony. He is so intelligent and observant!
    I also read about the ice cream and his lovely face, and the way he asks “share wif you?” Who can resist this? I wouldn’t! And hey, after all, he’s “a big boy”! Being 3, showing it in numbers (fingers!) and ready to have a wallet for his toys, he is not only cute, but you know it (I don’t need to say, but I will), he’s very very intelligent!
    Just like the mother (and the father, don’t want him to feel offended!)
    More pictures of Finn, please! (OK, not forcing, of course, but he’s so cute! I love his pictures!)
    Denise recently posted..CleopatraMy Profile

  2. Kate says:

    Too smart for his own good! You are always far too kind to me. As any good wife would…I take credit for all the great things about Finn and blame Josh for anything that’s less than perfect! 😉 My favorite is always pictures of my precious boy too, you aren’t alone in that! I will have to take some and post them soon!
    :) Kate

  3. Tracey says:

    Iron Man Tony has many many friends. Because he is possibly the coolest man on the planet. And oh yeah, he can fly.
    Tracey recently posted..And why wouldn’t you go to the beach in the middle of winter?My Profile

  4. Kate says:

    I wish I could fly. That would be pretty sweet!
    :) Kate

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