My rules about sports Finn can play.

We were discussing what we were going to possibly get Finn for his birthday and I was asking if he would like some type of ball to play with outside like a basketball, soccer ball, baseball, or football.

Josh-A football?  That’s the gateway drug to PLAYING football.

Me-I don’t have a problem with THROWING the football, I don’t like the tackling part.


If only…

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2 Responses to My rules about sports Finn can play.

  1. Tracey says:

    Take him to a mega sports store and let him pick. Who cares what he does as long as he has fun?
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  2. Kate says:

    I care if he DIES. Although…every sport…day of life is dangerous. When I played a game of soccer, a friend kicked wrong and both the bones in her leg were hanging out. My new rule is he can’t leave the house and he has to wear full gear at all times, including a helmet, cup, and mouth guard.
    :) Kate

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