If I had three wishes, I would wish for more wishes.

Yes, I’m that person.  Please don’t hate me!

Beyond wishing for more wishes, I am superstitious and believe if I voice my most deep dreams, I will be jinxed and they will never come to fruition.

So I’m NOT going to tell you that I wish for a job and insurance.  I’m also NOT going to share that it would be great if I won the lottery (without actually having to BUY a ticket).  Mostly, I’m NOT telling you I wish to have money to pay back those that are lending so generously to help us through my unemployment, who I can’t help but feel I am taking advantage of.

I’m also not going to give you the politically correct answers…

…like wishing for world peace, an end to world hunger, an end to discrimination and hatred of all, and excellent education for each and every child in the world…

…why waste perfectly good wishes wishes on others?  I’m going to use them all for ME, ME, ME!

What I have learned is, in the end, I am much more grateful for my wishes that DIDN’T come true than the ones that did.

So maybe for the first time in my life, for all that I know to be true, I give myself over to follow THE path of wisdom (God’s, the Spirit, energy…whatever you want to call it).

I have learned that I am not the best one to make plans of what I should do.  I (do my best to) let go of my wishes and pray to follow the path that will allow me to best fulfill my potential for myself, my family, and the world.

So today I wish to remember to listen carefully so I can best learn the lessons I need.  I wish to remember in my heart, when I get on my knees, that I am praying and wishing NOT to change God or ask for what I think I want and need, but rather to hear His voice to guide my steps.

However, if God saw fit to send me a maid, cook, a magical weight loss potion, pedicures for life, and a million dollars, I would accept them in all of His wisdom.

In the end, I have more blessing than I know what to do with.  I have THE BEST friends and family.  I have a husband and son who I love more than life and get to live, laugh, and love with them for the rest of my days.  I am preparing for the moment when my hard work pays off and opportunity comes knocking.

I think this sums up my goal for what I would like to remember each day:

Be a best friend, tell the truth
And overuse “I love you”
Go to work, do your best
Don’t outsmart your common sense
Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy
And love like crazy

-Lee Brice, Love Like Crazy

It’s not so much what I wish for but what I can create for myself.

Yes, I know you want to puke now from my corniness…I’m making myself nauseous.

Get your spin on and tell me what YOUR wishes are!

Join in with the Spin Cycle.  The hostess with the mostest is Sprite’s Keeper.

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7 Responses to If I had three wishes, I would wish for more wishes.

  1. Vince says:

    Most of my wishes center around my family being taken care of, that the boys grow up to be successful, etc. I learned a long time ago to stop trying to make things happen for myself and let the Lord make them happen for me. I seldom pray for a certain thing. I usually pray that God leads me where He wants me to go. By letting go and letting God do the worrying for you, you end up with more blessings that you could have imagined.

  2. Kate says:

    You are very wise. Your boys and wife are lucky to have you. Thanks for the reminders. I love when you said:
    I seldom pray for a certain thing. I usually pray that God leads me where He wants me to go. By letting go and letting God do the worrying for you, you end up with more blessings that you could have imagined.
    Because that’s the most true statement I’ve found as well. When I can remember to do this, I see FAR more blessings than I would have prayed for in the first place. And often, it goes in a total different path than I thought it would…a much better path. But as you say “letting go and letting God” is the hard part for me, so I try to remember to practice it A LOT!
    :) Kate

  3. Those sound like the best wishes! I often find myself wishing for certain things because, on a whole, my life is fine. But it’s usually for things like: patience when Sprite is “Why?”ing me to distraction or time when the clock is screaming at me to wake up when James Marsden was just about to… you get what I mean. You’re linked and I wish for your wishes to come true!
    Sprite’s Keeper recently posted..Spin Cycle: I wish I could see Google Reader RIGHT NOW…My Profile

  4. Kate says:

    Sprite’s Keeper-
    James Marsden, huh? I’m more of a Johnny Depp kinda girl. I totally should be wishing for patience!
    :) Kate

  5. Patty says:

    These are great wishes. So wise! I wish I could let go more and have faith and trust that HE knows what He’s doing.

  6. CaJoh says:

    Sometimes we forget that if we plan too much that our plans seem to turn into schemes that never happen because they are always thwarted.

    Wishing you the best of skill in finding employment.

    Thanks for spinning!
    CaJoh recently posted..Spin Cycle: Wishing on a CarMy Profile

  7. Erin says:

    Always smart to let go of the outcomes.
    Erin recently posted..wishful. thinking.My Profile

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