My million dollar idea.

As a general rule, I don’t believe in torture, even if they use prettier words (enhanced interrogation).

However, I am relatively certain that I have solved the problem.  And I’m pretty sure this is going to make me a gazillionaire.

Everyone says their dogs flatulence is the worst smelling odor in the world, right?  Well, anyone who says this is wrong.  I can say this with great confidence, even if I have not smelled every dog’s toots.  You know how?

Because Tanner has the smelliest farts in the entire world.  I would describe to you the poison that comes out of his rear, but there are no words.  What I can say is, when I sniff the beginning of it in the air, I run full speed through the closest wall to the outside where I find the nearest cliff and jump off to escape THE.WORST.SMELL.THAT.EVER.DID.STINK.

So you want to get any and all information from a suspected terrorist?  Feed Tanner something other than lamb and rice dog food, put him in the cell, and let the magic happen.  I guarantee, the prisoner will be ready to talk and spill all the beans in a matter of moments.  They will tell you anything and everything you would ever want to know.

If you are interested in purchasing the talents of my dog’s butt bottom (we don’t let Finn say butt) for a very reasonable price, you can reserve his rear~


Call now and we will double your order at NO COST TO YOU.

Don’t let his sweet face fool you…


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5 Responses to My million dollar idea.

  1. Poor Tanner! Such public humiliation!

  2. Kate says:

    Aunt Jackie-
    Sometimes the truth hurts! 😉
    :) Kate

  3. linlah says:

    “spill the beans”, no pun intended and a really good idea what will you spend the first gazillion on.
    linlah recently posted..telling talesMy Profile

  4. Tracey says:

    You haven’t smelt Huffle Mawson’s farts. She can clear a room in 1.3 seconds flat. The paint starts peeling off the walls. That is a lot of stink for a little cat.
    Tracey recently posted..Because really, what’s the point of a week without new shoes?My Profile

  5. Kate says:

    Cats fart? We can go into business together, 50/50. Does Teddy fart?
    :) Kate

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