Wherein my brains explode.

Worst thing ever?



Let’s think about this though (hang with me here…touchy subject).

The reason I have thought about this more recently is because (obviously as a mother and teacher) I can’t imagine a worse fate for a child than having their innocence stolen.  I think of molestation and child rape are equivalent to murder because they are killing the person that child was intended to be.

Obviously no one would choose to have this desire.  We don’t choose what or who we are attracted to.  There are other sexual desires that are thought of as unnatural (bestiality, necrophilia, etc), but there really is nothing more evil than pedophilia in our minds.

I can’t disagree with this as our children need and deserve our protection.  It is NEVER ok to hurt others, but it goes to another level when it is done to the most vulnerable.

However, brain studies and common sense show that pedophilia is NOT a choice.  Acting on that desire IS a choice, and there is no excuse for that and should be punished severely and without mercy.

Agreeing that pedophilia is not a choice means that it IS a mental illness.  There are pedophiles that understand their sickness and seek help so they don’t harm innocent children.  However, we have made it so when these patients seek help, they are reported and spend the rest of their life paying the consequences for something they can’t control.

Therefore, they no longer seek help which in turn makes them more likely to act on their urges.  It seems like a very broken and sick system if those that are seeking help pay the consequences for something they have no control over.

I never thought of it from the perspective of the pedophile.  If we support and treat mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, OCD, addiction, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc then we have the same obligation to treat pedophilia.

I looked at this subject from a different perspective when I found out one of my childhood friends who I was very close to growing up was convicted of a felony related to pedophilia.  My heart aches for my friend as I know he doesn’t have a mean or evil bone in his body and I know he would never act on his urges, but that he will forever be judged for his desires that he doesn’t have control over.

What do you think?  Can you be a good person who has evil desires?  Or simply the desire makes the person evil?  Shouldn’t we commend those that fight this demon instead of serving as their judge and jury?  Don’t the too deserve our help?

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4 Responses to Wherein my brains explode.

  1. Ah, if that’s what you’re thinking about, did you see that British ruling last week? A judge decided that it was a human right to raise one’s one kids, so convicted pedophiles should be left alone with their own kids if they hadn’t been a threat to them before. There’s one for you to ponder.
    Mwa (Lost in Translation) recently posted..The only way to stay sane (filthy, but sane)My Profile

  2. Wolf Pascoe says:

    Actions are what count. Which of us is without sin in our secret thoughts?
    Wolf Pascoe recently posted..When children are differentMy Profile

  3. Kate says:

    :) Kate

  4. Kate says:

    Yea…I have to say no to that one. If a pedophile wants to make their life around NO kids then I think they should live in peace (as long as they don’t act on their desires) but as soon as that person chooses to have children or work in an environment with children, I think they’ve given up their right to be assumed innocent until guilty. I have a hard time saying no to chocolate cake. I have a lot harder time saying no when chocolate cake is in my kitchen. I also believe they should be required to be in regular therapy.
    Those would be the rules if I made the rules. But (thank goodness for everyone) I don’t.
    I didn’t hear about the British ruling…now I’m extremely worried for those kids!!
    :) Kate

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