Now you’ve gone and done it, Finn!

I just finished feeding and burping him and I noticed that he needed a diaper change, so I was changing his diaper, he was all clean and just when I was about to put on a new, clean diaper he not only peed (quite the arc my little man has, I have to say) but also started pooping. Right now, his poop is all watery, so it all ran together in a big mess! I remember when my cousin was a baby and would do that, if I remember correctly, he caught one of his parents in the face! I think someone also told me that the cool air makes them want to pee, so it is quite often that they do this. I tried to talk to Josh about it and offered the suggestion that we cover him up as we are cleaning him, but Josh didn’t believe this would happen, and now he gave us a double whammy. Not only that, but he was wearing a super cute outfit that got all dirty, come on Finn!

Here is Finn after he is all cleaned up. I know it’s sideways, but this site doesn’t like me at night, I will try to flip it tomorrow when it’s in a better mood. (6/29/08) It still was mean to me this morning, but it finally let me turn the picture right side up, so here it is!

Even better, we got him all cleaned up, into a sleep sac for the night and then we come out here for a moment to post and he’s sitting on my lap and I hear and feel him poop all over again. Goodness, little man, are you in a competition we don’t know about? Joys of parenting, love it! :) (And once again, I would like to point out I was right Josh, and you were wrong! 😉

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