Why I can’t wait to be a Grandma.

Okay…so I was born an 80-year-old woman.  I love to knit, play cards and bingo, and worry.  Mainly I’m just waiting until I AM actually 80 and I can have 43 grandkids running around and I can be the old crazy lady who has candy in her pockets.


Because old people have license to be crazy.  They’ve earned it.

Josh’s grandparents are amazing people.  I adore them.  Beyond that, they are just super awesomesauce.  Josh’s dad has worked very hard for many, many years to record the story of their lives.  He will ask them questions and record their answers.  He then burns CD’s and gives them to the whole family.

Which I think is the coolest thing ever.  For many years after my Grandpa died, my Grandma kept his greeting on her answering machine and it was the only place I could hear his voice.  Now I would give anything to have a a place where I could hear his voice.

I digress (you could at least pretend to be surprised)…

Josh’s Grandparents give each grandchild (and their spouse) a check for their birthdays.  Josh and I are THE WORST to cash these checks.  It takes us MONTHS.  Josh’s Grandma had to write me THE SAME check 42 at least 3 times.

I feel SO guilty about this.  I really don’t mean to be bad about it.  It just gets tucked under a pile of other papers…and checks are small and easily lost.  This drives his Grandparents CRAZY (deservedly so…if I were them I wouldn’t worry about giving the gifts to those who can’t be responsible enough to keep track of them).

I wish they would just send a card.  I worry that I’m creating worry for them because they worry about writing a check that won’t ever get cashed.  I just don’t want to cause them any additional worry.

That’s a lot of worry.

Josh’s birthday rolls around this fall and we find his birthday card in the mail…so already my anxiety level is raised.  Must get this check to the bank to be cashed…don’t lose it…don’t forget about it…

We open the card to find the check with a post-it note attached that says (something like) This is a magic check that will fall to pieces if not cashed in under 2 weeks.

And I was all…SHUT UP…

I thought his grandparents couldn’t get any awesomer…and I was SO WRONG.

Again…I can’t wait to be a Grandma (I’m totally doing that to my grandkids).

You may want to sit down for this part, it’s shocking.  The check has been cashed.  And then we went and played BINGO!
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4 Responses to Why I can’t wait to be a Grandma.

  1. Diana says:

    She gave up on me, when I opened my card it had CASH, no check to cash!!!

  2. Kate says:

    Oh, I had a great laugh when I read this! Hopefully the good things about me outweigh the bad and she stills loves me! I guess we’ll see if she’s been converted next June when Finn’s birthday comes around again. I just feel so guilty creating more things for her to worry about. I should do better with cashing the checks so she doesn’t have to think about it…but her note was so funny!

  3. Denise says:

    Oh, the voice… it’s so cool to do that… I was the only one in my family to record some short videos of my parents and even “directed” my father (send a kiss to me/the camera now, dad!) And guess what, I found on my cell phone that I recorded his voice without knowing – you know when you press some button with part of the cheek… and it starts recording!
    But guess what, I didn’t have the courage to listen to his voice/watch the videos up to now. I simply don’t have the courage! Not now! (And my mom’s videos even less, of course.)
    But I liked the idea of having something like this… cause no one else in the family has (my 2 brothers, this is “the” family now).
    Anyway, Kate, please, cash the check! It’s nice that they spread love giving a check, so that you can choose what is better for you and your family. Not like getting something you know you will never use! They seem to be very nice!
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  4. maggie says:

    dude. i’m totally ready to be the crazy old aunt. i already knit, have 4 cats, AND WEAR BIFOCALS. (not even making that up). And my kitchen has a cookie jar, a gummie jar, and a chocolate jar.
    Clearly, I’ll never be grandma, but I’m all about being crazy aunt maggie. (the best part is, you can be ‘aunt’ to your friends’ kids. so the fact that my only sibling lives far away isn’t going to stop me. i just need my friends to start settling down and popping out babies. i don’t want much to do with them until they’re able to walk and talk. babies make me nervous as all get out. so, of course, babies frickin’ love me and have been known to fling themselves at me from their mother’s arms, leaving me no choice but to hold them 😐 I’m not even making that up. Happened at work while I had my cat in one arm already. The mother thought the 11 month old child wanted to pet the cat.. but really, she just wanted to cling to me. good thing my cat is the chillest cat in the world…)
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