Wherein Jo Jo gets thrown under the bus.

My awesome, amazing, I want to be a clone of her, sister by marriage gifted us an awesome play table for Finn.  He uses this all the time.

He also comes home with 3-5 sheets of art and coloring each day from daycare.

We thought we would set up a little place on his play table for an art and coloring station (he has the art in his blood from his grandma, aunt, and daddy).  He colors at daycare and then comes home and colors some more.

This morning Josh notices there is coloring on the wall.  He asked Finn if he colored on the wall.

Finn: no, Jo Jo came over and colored on the wall.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have officially entered the lying phase.  If he’s always this bad at it, his teen years are going to be EASY!

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7 Responses to Wherein Jo Jo gets thrown under the bus.

  1. Vince says:

    My older one began by trying to forge my signature on a test with a poor score when he was in 3rd grade. It was rather obvious.
    Vince recently posted..Time may change me but I can’t change timeMy Profile

  2. We’re down the the daily game of Fact Or Fiction:
    “Mommy, Brady threw my shoe over the fence at school today.”
    “Mommy, my bird CeeCee came to visit me today and she fell from the tree and broke into a million pieces.”
    I’m going with the shoe for one hundred, Alex.
    Sprite’s Keeper recently posted..Spooky Cycle: Halloween Then Vs. Halloween Now..My Profile

  3. Tracey says:

    LOL! You have to give him credit for originality.
    Tracey recently posted..Can you handle the cute?My Profile

  4. kyooty says:

    It takes a very smart child to figure out HOW to lie. It’s a skill. (not a moral/ethical skill)
    kyooty recently posted..Friday Fill-insMy Profile

  5. Denise says:

    I agree with Kyooty. It’s a skill, according to psychologists. He’s so cute anyway!
    I remember when one of my brothers came home with “red” grades… requiring the signature of one of the parents… normally my mom signed… he was so afraid, I told him “give it to me. I’ll solve that”.
    Guess what, I signed. The next term he had bad grades again (of course, mom didn’t know, how could she solve what she didn’t know?) and she was called at school. The teachers said “you are always so present, we didn’t understand this time how having signed what we sent (the bad grades), you left the boy this way, again with bad grades? We thought you would have tried to improve his condition”. Kate, my mother said “I signed something? What? You never sent me anything”. They showed her the paper with “her” supposed signature. She reported that it was sooo perfect, that she started doubting herself “my God, I signed it, but how come, I don’t remember!”
    I remember I always did and will always do everything I can to protect my brothers, to ease their problems. At the time I didn’t know I wasn’t helping, he could have lost a year because of it.
    Anyway, mom arrived home and said “Deniiiise!” And I knew I was in trouble! Then she said “very nice, uh? Don’t deny; I KNOW you signed your brother’s ‘alert’. It’s wrong. Don’t do this again, he could be in serious trouble. But I must say your signature was really good!”
    I must laugh when I think of that!
    By the way, I never signed anything like that again. I learned my lesson. I started to do some of my brothers’ homework, instead. Oh my God, the things I do for them!
    But you see, Finn started with this, but he’ll be OK, I’m sure. If we think I’m OK (am I? :) … and I did that… so everybody who lied can learn that this is not nice, most of the times!
    Denise recently posted..Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 80My Profile

  6. maggie says:

    bahahahaha! Good job, Finn 😉

    kids can be so cute. . .
    one of my colleagues went to lunch with her husband and 2yearold son.
    she says to her son, she says, “are you taking mummy out to lunch?” and he says “yes!”
    then they get to the restaurant and he eats nothing. then when they’re leaving the restaurant he goes “Now Henry gets mcdonald’s!”. Apparently he felt that mum picked her food, he should be able to pick his as well. . . ;D
    maggie recently posted..The Adventures of BobMy Profile

  7. Kate says:


    That’s so funny! I remember when I was growing up I thought McDonald’s was the best food EVER. Thank goodness I am wiser now!!

    :) Kate

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