Dear Finn-3 Years & 4 Months

This letter is late because I couldn’t think of what I wanted to write.  Our lives have gotten significantly busier since this past summer.  Our family has been adjusting to this, and as always, you are such a trooper.

You have mastered the toilet.  This has been a long and painful journey for all of us.  We finally reached the destination.  You are not perfect, by any means.  You have far too many exciting things to waste your time going to the bathroom.  You might miss a little of your favorite TV show, the best part of a book, putting the final pieces in the puzzle, or a second of being outside.  We always tell you, we’ll wait for you, but you don’t believe us.

You’ve been that way since you were born.  You didn’t take a nap for more than 20 minutes your first month at daycare because you could hear other kids DOING SOMETHING and if they were DOING SOMETHING you wanted to watch.
Finn 10-11
It has been my greatest joy to watch you learn and grow.  You always have 14 million questions and want to know how everything works.  Once someone explains it to you, you remember.  You have recently been fascinated by where the water goes from the sink, toilet, and bathtub.  The other day we drove past the water tower on the way home and I could almost hear the light bulb click on above your head as you excitedly told us the water goes from the water tower into the pipes under the ground and to our house.
Finn 10-11 #2
If I know one thing about being a mother is there is no one right way to do it.  Several people have told me that they believe I am far too strict with you and since I have always been a worry wart, I worry if I am a good mom to you (because you deserve the best).  I certainly know I make mistakes, but I hope and pray that I’m doing an acceptable job.

I watch you very carefully and you seem like a very happy and well adjusted child.  I do my best to have faith in what I see, hear, and feel from you and I hope my best is good enough.  I try my best not to let what others say and the looks they give me affect me as a mom.  I know you know, to the deepest part of your heart and soul, that I love you and would do anything for you.  Having high expectations and strict boundaries will make you aim higher and go farther than you can even imagine.

Well, maybe farther than I can imagine.  You want to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle when you grow up…so that might be a little high…but I believe you already have super powers of kindness, generosity, and love and sky is the limit.

As we are heading into the holiday season, there is nothing I enjoy more than watching you enjoy all the traditions.  Going to the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins with your cousins for the first time was more fun than I could imagine because I enjoy them through you.  You have enriched my life in so many more ways than you could ever know.


Finn 10-11 #3

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6 Responses to Dear Finn-3 Years & 4 Months

  1. Denise says:

    Oh, he looks so sweet!!! I loved the pictures with the pumpkins! They also remind me of when I carved pumpkins at school!!! And his smile is so genuine, he was sooo happy!
    Kate, as I told you, I got to understand many things I should have understood before my mom passed away. But I guess it’s good to learn at any time. One thing I did understand is that mothers always try their best, but there’s no way to know whether they are right or not. That was what I also heard from a friend who has two children. She tried her best, she said, but she was always afraid to make mistakes.
    There’s no way to know, but the simple fact of trying is fantastic!
    I’m pretty sure you are an excellent mother, just look at Finn’s smiles!
    Denise recently posted..Master or Disaster: Dune Hotty Colour Block platform shoesMy Profile

  2. Tracey says:

    Kate, he is growing into such a gorgeous boy! and I’m sure you’re doing a good job. I’d rather see a strict mother than one who lets her child do whatever with no boundaries.
    Tracey recently posted..Can you handle the cute?My Profile

  3. Kate says:


    You are my newest favorite person! Well, I guess you were always kind of my favorite person!

    :) Kate

  4. Kate says:


    As always, you are so kind! Your comments are one of my favorite parts of my day. The comment you wrote about your mom took my breath away and I want to respond to it in a real way and just haven’t had time. But I am sending love and hugs to you through the interwebs. Just never forget what a lovely person you are and how much your mom and dad are so proud as they look over you!

    :) Kate

  5. maggie says:

    Finn really is a ridiculously adorable child.
    Also, my brother was a ninja turtle repeatedly for halloween. And 4 of my friends were ninja turtles this year. TMNT is totally timeless. Loves it.
    maggie recently posted..The Adventures of BobMy Profile

  6. Kate says:


    We saw an angry bird costume this year. I thought that was AWESOME!!! It looks like you all had fun for Halloween! My sister always chose to be historical characters, and I would go along with her. One year she was Harriet Tubman. She’s one of a kind, that girl!!

    😉 Kate

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