I’m fairly certain my mother has lost her ever-loving mind.

Important background: Growing up I wanted every pet imaginable.  And I was able to talk my mom into allowing me to have them.  It never turned out so well for the pets as I have documented here.  Although I loved each and every pet, I must just have really bad luck.

My mom asked for help in one of her rental properties.  This house also happened to be the one I grew up in so I took the opportunity to show Finn around.  I showed Finn which room was mine, Aunt Jessica’s, and Jo Jo’s.

Walking past my old bathroom I remembered how one of the hamsters I was allowed to have as a pet was not a regular hamster, but rather a Houdini hamster.  It chewed its way out of its cage and into the walls and was running around IN THE WALLS.

To say my mom was mad would be an understatement (totally warranted though).  She cut a hole in the wall below the bathroom sink in our bathroom and put out food to catch the little Houdini.

I showed Finn the hole and told him the story.

Finn: That’s COOL!

Me: Jo Jo didn’t think it was so cool.

Finn: Why?

Me: Because she didn’t want to cut a hole in the wall.

The next time we saw my mom, this is the conversation that followed…

Mom: So Mama said she told you the story about the hamster being in the wall.  What did you think about it?

Finn: It was COOL!

Mom: Oh yea?!?!  Maybe someday you can have a hamster too.

I could hear the wheels turning in my son’s head.  Just because I convinced my mom I was a modern day Noah and needed 2 of every animal growing up, did NOT mean I was going to make the same mistake.  She was NOT going to throw me under the bus where she had dived.

Me: There will NEVER be any animals besides cats and dogs living at our house.

Mom: Well, maybe we can get a hamster for you to have at Jo Jo’s house.

Really, Mom?  Because it worked out so well when I was a kid?!?!  I am seriously concerned that she has a brain tumor that is affecting her judgement.  If you happen to run into her around town please peek in her ear to make sure her brain is still in there…somewhere.

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3 Responses to I’m fairly certain my mother has lost her ever-loving mind.

  1. Denise says:

    That was a cool story, and I can understand why you don’t want a hamster anymore! I must say, I never had a pet, except from fish (and for some months only). But I wanted a dog, or a cat, not fish, in fact. I was never allowed to have dogs or cats.
    What if the next hamster is not a Houdini one? Anyway, as I said, I totally understand you!
    Denise recently posted..Inspiration Monday and Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 90!!!!My Profile

  2. My dad used dog biscuits to recapture my lost hamsters since the damn things never seemed to respond to carrots.
    Sprite’s Keeper recently posted..The four wheels or no wheels rule still applies, but the driver’s record is clean.My Profile

  3. maggie says:

    A baby duck got into the walls at work… and we never found it… and my boss got this little toy that quacked and would squeeze it in his pocket and freak out the girls… it was sick, but hilarious at the same time. . .
    maggie recently posted..Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good feast!My Profile

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